If people talk about the nightlife of Berlin, they usually mention clubs like the Berghain or Watergate. It’s a shame that the Sisyphos club is often forgotten because it has been one of the most popular clubs in Berlin since 2008.

Sisyphos Club

It’s easy to recognise when a party is going on in the Sisyphos: The line in front of the famous doors (see image below) will be huge. The club is located in the eastern part of Berlin, about 2km further east than the station Ostkreuz. The club is famous for its open-airs and extremely long parties: This weekend a party is being planned which starts on Friday and ends on Wednesday. Non-Stop with only paying for entrance once.

The famous entrance of the Sisyphos
The famous entrance of the Sisyphos

Hammahalle & Dampfer

Another great thing about Club Sisyphos are the versatile dance-floors. The two larger dance-floors can be found inside and are called Hammahalle and Dampfer. On these floors you can forget about the time of day and lose yourself in the techno-music.

The open-air Garden

Then there is the garden where the magic happens in the summer. The open-airs are legendary and there is enough space to chill, dance and meet new people. Because the Sisyphos is usually not closing for several days in a row, you can see the sun come up and go down again as well. You get caught in the moment and just do not want to go home anymore.

The garden of Sisyphos
The garden of Sisyphos (© Jedentageinset)

The best livesets in Sisyphos

DJs want to play in a club like Sisyphos. These kind of clubs are fun for DJs as well. It’s probably related to the vibe of a great German festival, the extreme opening hours and the staff. It’s just a great experience for them. Because of this many famous DJs have been playing in the Sisyphos. Here are our 5 famous livesets in the Sisyphos to warm you up for this awesome party in Berlin:

  1. Thomas Schumacher b2b Victor Ruiz (May 2018)
  2. Lexer on Sisyphos Strand (August 2018)
  3. Mike Book & Daniel Jaeger (September 2020)
  4. Mikah in Dampfer (November 2021)
  5. Jan Oberlaender – Nichtgeburtstag (October 2017)
Another good impression of the style of the Sisyphos
Another good impression of the style of the Sisyphos (© Sisyphos)

Frequently asked questions

If you never visited the Sisyphos in Berlin before, you might have some open questions. As we’ve been to the club before we will try to answer them.

How many people fit in the Sisyphos?

With the indoor-floors and the outdoor-area, the Sisyphos has space for about 1500 visitors at the same time.

How to get into the Sisyphos club?

The fact is that the Sisyphos is too popular for its capacity. This means that a huge amount of people will not get into the Sisyphos. If you want to improve your chances, you should fit in with the nightlife in Berlin. Wear dark clothes, don’t dress up too much and make sure you know which DJs are playing. Also choose the time of arrival wisely (see next question).

Why are the bouncers so unfriendly?

The internet is full of reviews about unfriendly bouncers in Berlin. Sisyphos is no exception here. The reason bouncers are often unfriendly is because they do not want to discuss with you. If you have to turn down thousands of people each night, you will explore ways which are most effective. Turning down people in a friendly way will lead to way more discussions. So they just shake their head or say “not tonight” and try to stay out of any discussion. It’s part of the nightlife in Berlin.

What is the best time of day to visit the Sisyphos?

If you want to increase your chance to get into the Sisyphos, you should choose your arrival wisely. Pick a time of day where not many other people will go partying. There is a line in front of the Sisyphos at 6AM too but it’s not as long as the line at 3AM. It can also be smart to go in during the day already (e.g. lunch-time), get a stamp and come back later.

How much does the entrance of the Sisyphos cost?

Usually the entrance of the Sisyphos costs around 15€. There are parties which are more expensive and can go up to 20-25€. Before complaining about the price, keep in mind that these parties often keep going for several days and you only pay entrance once.

How to get to the Sisyphos?

You can walk from station Ostkreuz, it’s about 2kms. With a drink in your hand and some friends it will be fine. If you do not want to walk you can take a taxi (about 10€ from Ostkreuz) or take Tram 21 and get out at station Gustav-Holzmann-Straße.

Outside bar sisyphos berlin
A photo we took back in 2012

Summary: A perfect example for the nightlife of Berlin

The first time I visited the Sisyphos was 2012. I had not been living in Berlin that long and we arrived at 1AM already. In the beginning there were about 20 people and we started wondering if this was really the famous Sisyphos Club we were told about. Then around 4AM it became more crowded and all of a sudden the party exploded. The party kept going for 48 hours and it was one of the best parties I have experienced in Berlin so far. In my opinion the Sisyphos is a better club than places like About:Blank, Watergate and Ritter Butzke and it is really is a great example of the nightlife of Berlin.

Name: Sisyphos Club
Address: Hauptstraße 15
Music: Techno
Entrance: 15-20 €
Beer: 3,50€
Website: sisyphos-berlin.net


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hey,

    I find it really disappointing and irrespecutful that you posted pictures of Sisyphos, knowing it is strictly forbidden to take some.

    • Hi LL,

      we respect that just as much as you do. These photos were taken a long time ago and we have send the article to the Sisyphos for reviewing purposes.

      As you can see, you can not recognize anybody on the photos.

      Best wishes!

  2. Hey Job,

    Ik lees online dat er veel mensen voor geen reden worden geweigerd bij Sisyphos. Ik ga waarschijnlijk met een gevarieerde groep mensen, moet ik ze bepaalde tips geven over hoe ze zich moeten kleden/gedragen? (misschien in kleinere groepjes gaan?) Ik ben zelf nog nooit in Berlijn geweest en weet dus ook niet hoe het deur beleid in Berlijn is, maar het klinkt erg streng.

    Groetjes Rachelle

  3. Hey, long shot, but how easy is it to get it? What kind of music was playing by 3.00? thanks for yoru information!

    • Hi Miru,

      it is not very easy to get in and there are long cues the whole night. There are 2 floors so the music differs but mainly Techno/House.


      • Hey:) I am really interested going there. I am a girl on my own though. Do you think it’s worth giving it a try to get in? Does it just need patience to get in or do many never get in at all?
        Do the days matter at all? Friday, sat or sun?

        • Hi Jay,

          being a girl on your own increases the chances to get in. So just give it a try!

          About the best days and times: It is always better to avoid the times when a lot of other people go. Most people will arrive between 01.00 – 04.00 on Friday and Saturdaynight.

          Have a good time!!!

    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for mentioning us. Your article is interesting as well.

      Maybe we see eachother some day in the Sisyphos 🙂

      Best wishes!

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