The last couple of weeks we could finally enjoy some sunny days in the capital of Germany. Berlin is a great city throughout the whole year but during the summer it gets just a little bit more awesome. The people have a better mood, the terraces are full and there are plenty of great spots to swim. The summer in Berlin has a lot to offer.

For this reason, we have selected five great activities for your bucket-list in Berlin. Obviously this is just a small selection of the things you can do in Berlin, but these are definitely things you should’ve done at least once.

1. Barbecue in the park

A great thing about the summer in Berlin is that you are allowed to drink in public. All over the city there are small groups of people enjoying the sun with a beer in their hand. Combine the freedom to drink with the fact that berlin has a lot of parks where you can have a barbeque and you have an awesome activity for the summer in Berlin.

Barbeque in Berlin
No summer in Berlin without a Barbeque (©

One of my personal favourite parks to have a barbeque is Volkspark Friedrichshain because it is located very centrally. It is a great location to enjoy your afternoon and afterwards it is easy to reach cool area’s like Simon-Dach-Straße or Alexanderplatz. You can also play some beachvolleyball before if you are looking for some activity on your summerday.

2. Chilling on the Spree

It is obviously a great addition for a city like Berlin, that the Spree is floating straight through the city. It offers plenty of nice terraces at the water and the prices are still very reasonable at these places. Small disadvantage in the summer can be that it can be very crowded in these places. But there is quite an easy solution for the people who want some peace and also like to enjoy the water…rent a waterbike.

Waterbike Berlin
Rent a waterbike in Berlin (©

Renting a waterbike is a great thing to do in the summer in Berlin. Because you can float on a waterbike with up to four people, it only costs a few Euro an hour to rent one. Obviously driving the “bike” is not the best thing about a waterbike, you should find yourself a sweet spot on the Spree and just enjoy the sun.

You can rent waterbikes directly in the Treptower Park. This park can be reached from station Treptower Park or even from Ostkreuz if you like to talk a 20 minutes walk.

Info: Swimming in the Spree

Most people say it is not a good idea to swim in the Spree. The water is not very clean but so far I never had a problem. It would not be a good idea to swallow the water but just swimming in the Spree should be fine. But the water does get dirtier if you get more to the west, so I would advice swimming as far east as you can. The water of the Spree has a great temperature in the summer in Berlin, so when you are floating on the water it would be a waste not to dive in.

3. Dancing on an Open-Air

When you have read the full article about open-airs in Berlin you probably seen that there are a great amount of cool outside-parties in Berlin in the summer. Obviously the clubs are awesome and offer a great amount of cool events, but nothing is better than enjoying some quality DJs in the sun. The locations are unique, the prices are low and the line-up is just as good as most clubs.

Badeschiff: A great location for an open-air in Berlin (©
Open Air in front of the Badeschiff (©

The summer in Berlin offers plenty of open-airs every weekend. Some of them are organized quite spontaneously (a.k.a. illegal) and others have the same venue every week. The best thing to do is read the article on this blog and keep an eye on this facebook-site facebook-site.

4. Visit the beach

In this article we already mentioned that you can go for a swim in the Spree but if you really want to enjoy some water you should visit the beach or a lake. There are plenty of places to enjoy some water in the summer of Berlin. You could visit Badeschiff, although this is quite touristic already. Therefore it might be a better idea to visit the Muggelsee or the Wannsee.

Enjoy the summer at the Wannsee (©
Enjoy the summer at the Wannsee (©

The Wannsee can be reached very easily from stations like Alexanderplatz, Ostkreuz and Warschauer Straße. Just take the S-Bahn which leads you directly to Wannsee. From that station you can walk to the beach. You have to pay 5 euro entrance but will have a great afternoon at the water. Swimming is still one of the best things when it is a warm summer-day in Berlin.

5. Enjoy the Mauerpark

The Mauerpark is a special part of Berlin. The atmosphere is a bit different in this park and it is just a great spot to chill out during the summer in Berlin. Most of the time you can find small bands playing some music, people having a barbeque and a lot of groups having a drink on the grass. Especially on Sunday the Mauerpark is visited very well because the famous Karaoke and a second-hand market can be visited.

Karaoke Mauerpark (© Berlin-Enjoy)
Karaoke Mauerpark (© Berlin-Enjoy)

The Mauerpark is easy to reach from station Eberswalder Straße. From there you can just follow the crowd and walk directly into the park. There will be plenty of room to sit and enjoy a warm day during the summer in Berlin.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


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