Every month we post some of the best parties in Berlin in our party-calendar. We mainly focus on impressive line-ups, famous DJs and clubs which you have to visit at least once in your life. But today we take a look at the nightlife of Berlin from a total different perspective: In this article we concentrate on the best gay-parties in Berlin.


Berlin is Top of the Pops and one of the most LGBT-friendly places in Europe, if not in the whole world. It’s not a surprise that many of the 30 million tourists a year come to enjoy that beautiful open-minded vibe towards gay and lesbian people. Since many years it has been the natural tone of the city Berlin to respect everybody just the way they are. That is why you can find so many beautiful and versatile people in this city.

Gay Parties in Berlin (© rainbowgaytours.com)
Gay Parties in Berlin (© rainbowgaytours.com)

Gay-Parties in Berlin

Even former no. 1 club in the world, the Berghain, is known for having its roots as one of the first established gay party locations in Berlin when it was still called Ostgut. Because Berlin is so open-minded you can find many great gay-clubs in all twelve districts of the city. Just like other clubs in Berlin they have reasonable prices, great music and a great atmosphere. Because if there is one thing gay people know, it is how to party.

We could put down thousands of words express our sympathy – but then again, you should come, join and experience that bright culture all by yourself! That is why we will publish some of the best gay-parties in Berlin in this article and hopefully we find time to update it on a regular basis.

1. Bassy Club / Chantal’s House of Shame

Let’s get started with a real breaker. Hitting every Thursday night Chantal’s House of Shame has become a true legend among hipsters, beards, youngsters, workers, neos and … tourists. The club is located right beside U2 Bahn station Senefelder Platz. The entrance of Chantal’s House of Shame is very nondescript, so you might not spot it instantly. But once you’ve entered the building you’ll find a nice bar room with a house-DJ to your right and the “floor of hell” on your left side. I made up this name myself because it can get very hot there.

Chantals House of Shame
Chantals House of Shame (© facebook.com/ChantalsHouseofShame)

Best to arrive before midnight

The best time to arrive at this gay-party in Berlin would be between 23.00 and 23.30. If you arrive after midnight you will probably have to stand in line for quite some while. The Bassy Club is a relatively small club, but its reputation is massive. The club’s vibe is extraordinary. You have live-performances, great singers, deep electronic music and of course there’s Chantal. Chantal is the owner of this club and an iconic figure in the gay club scene. She attends ALL of her parties and opens the performance part of the night, which usually starts around 03:00. I put it as simple as it is: If you seek a gay party in Berlin on Thursday night, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Name: Chantal’s House of Shame (Bassy Club)
Address: Schönhauser Allee 176A
Music: Electro, Deep, Techno
Entrance: 10-12€
Public Transport: U2 Senefelder Platz

2. Die Busche

Located right beneath the U1’s Bahn track lane at Warschauer Straße and usually opening around 22:00, you’ll find one of the oldest gay-parties in Berlin. Die Busche is still attracting a lot of young people to come together and have a good time. The vibe of the club is mostly driven by its established fable for true charts, pop and German Schlager music on two floors.

Die Busche
One of the oldest gay-parties in Berlin (© diebusche.de)

On-Stage performances

Die Busche recently has established a new attraction called “Fresh Party”, which features on-stage-performances of Drag Queens and other artists. Generally speaking, Die Busche’s reputation is more of “down to basics”, so you won’t find hip and hop DJs performing their most recent liveset. But this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing and this gay-club is still a great location on both Friday and Saturday-night.

Name: Die Busche
Address: Warschauer Platz 18
Music: Pop, German Schlager
Entrance: 5-10€
Public Transport: U1 Warschauer Straße
Website: Die Busche

3. SchwuZ

SchwuZ is very special place within the gay and lesbian community. Arguably the biggest and most famous gay-club in Berlin, it provides a vast variety of program for its visitors. Originally placed at Kreuzberg’s shiny Mehringdamm, it has now moved to a massive location in Neukölln’s backyards due to reason of space and size. SchwuZ is offering a tremendous range of events like concerts, contests, comedy nights and obviously also gay parties. The most legendary party might be “bump!”, followed by “Popkicker”, and of course “L-Tunes” which is a party designated to Lesbians. There’s even a naked dance party called “Schlagernacktparty”.

SchwuZ Gayclub
A great place for gay-parties in Berlin: SchwuZ (© lcavaliero.com)

Possibility to party naked

Ever been on a naked dance party? Me neither, but, heck, it’s here, every third Friday of the month. The club itself shares three floors to test all your best dance-moves supported by electronic music and charts of the gold old and newer days. Without a doubt, SchwuZ is one of the top spots to join in on weekends, no matter if Friday or Saturday, gathering hundreds of people of all ages and lifestyles. Besides the SchwuZ offers a dozen of additional opportunities during weekdays. You should definitely check out their website (see below) for more information.

Name: SchwuZ
Address: Rollbergstraße 26
Music: Pop, Rock, Electro, Techno, Schlager
Entrance: 10-12€
Public Transport: U8 Boddinstraße
Website: www.schwuz.de

4. Nollendorf Kiez/ Schöneberg district

This list with gay-parties and locations would not be complete without some of the great attractions the Nollendorf Kiez has to offer for lesbian and gay people. This is one the most open-minded places in Berlin. If you step out the U2 at station Nollendorfplatz you find a wonderful, distinct LGBT area right in the district of Schöneberg.

Connection Club
The Connection Club at Nollendorf Kiez (© tripadvisor.com)

One of the best areas for gay-parties

At Nollendorf Kiez you can find it all: Fancy bars, tasteful restaurants, multiple sex- and fetishshops and great clubs. Some of the places we would recommend are listed below:

– the bars “Heile Welt”, “Café Berio” and “Hafenbar”
– the restaurant “Cafe More”
– the dance club (and Berlin’s biggest darkroom), the “Connection Club”
– the street-event Motzstraßenfest(which kicks off every  year one week before the famous Christopher Street Day)

The LGBT history of the Nollendorf Kiez is as powerful as its nature is still today, showing no restraint for its very open LGBT lifestyle to people who want to join in. The whole Kiez is a very vibrant scene of arts and culture nonetheless, but definitely with a much higher flirting level.

Name: Nollendorf Kiez
Address: The whole area
Music: Different music, different bars and clubs
Entrance: differs
Public Transport: U2 Nollendorfplatz

5. Homopatik in About:Blank

A club which has been mentioned in our monthly party-calendar more than once is the About:Blank. This club is known for their versatile parties and they also organize the gay-party “Homopatik” on a monthly basis. You can visit this party every third friday of the month.

About Blank Homopatik
The garden of the club About:Blank (© loseyourhead.com)

The best techno gay-party in Berlin

Just as the usual parties in the About:Blank you can expect talented DJs and extreme opening-hours during Homopatik, the only difference is that this party is focused on gay and lesbian people. The party originally came from Italy but is very successful in Berlin as well. The About:Blank has two indoor-floors and a large garden which is awesome during the warm summer-months. Check out this gay-party once a month if you want to combine techno/house with the open-minded atmosphere of Berlin.

Name: Homopatik in About:Blank
Address: Markgrafendamm 24c
Music: Techno/House
Entrance: 10-12€
Public Transport: Ostkreuz
Website: aboutparty.net

This article was written together with my buddy Adriano!


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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