New Years Eve 2018 in Berlin – 10 great locations to party

Its almost November and before we know it we will be watching the fireworks and wishing each other all the best for 2019. Parties on New Years Eve often leave behind different kind of memories: Although many people love it others feel that the tickets are overpriced and the clubs are way too crowded. Besides that it can be a real pain in the ass to find transportation because nobody wants to be the designated driver on New Years Eve. There is a very simple solution for these problems: Celebrate New Years Eve in Berlin!

New Years Eve in Berlin 2018-2019

Why should you celebrate New Years Eve in Berlin? First of all the possibilities are endless because there are so many great clubs. Second of all you do not have to worry about overpriced parties: In Berlin the tickets for New Years Eve are starting at 10 Euro. This means you could even visit several parties with different music-styles, atmospheres and people. A last great benefit of New Years Eve in Berlin is the fact that you do not have to worry about driving because the public transport will run all night long.



Ten great locations to party on New Years Eve

When you decide to celebrate New Years Eve 2018-2019 in Berlin, this list of ten great locations could be helpful to make decision. New Years Eve in Berlin is something special and there are many different parties and events, which all differ in price, location, music-style and atmosphere. Therefore it is probably best to plan your trip in advance and the list in this article will help you answer the question: Which New Years’s Eve Party in Berlin fits best to me?

Win Free tickets for New Years Eve

One of the great things about this article is the fact that you can win free tickets for New Years Eve parties in Berlin. The organisation of five of the parties in the list below were nice enough to give us some free tickets or guestlist-spots to give to our readers. You can win tickets for the NYE-Parties in Ritter Butzke, HYTE, Humboldthain, Weekend and Kulturbrauerei. You can find more information about the giveaways under the paragraph of the specific parties.

You can either scroll down or click one of the links below to jump to your favourite party with New Years Eve straight away:

1. Countdown at Brandenburger Tor
2. Solid Techno in Ritter Butzke
3. All in One: Kulturbrauerei
4. For all ages: Zitadelle Spandau
5. Famous DJs in Funkhaus Berlin
6. New Years Eve on a Christmas Market
7. Deephouse music in Astra Club
8. Nice and cheap: Humboldthain Club
9. New Years Eve on a boat
10. On great heights: House of Weekend
New Years Eve in Berlin summarized


1. Countdown at Brandenburger Tor

When you want to have an unforgettable New Years Eve in Berlin, you might want to consider visiting the countdown at Brandenburger Tor. The last couple of years at least 1 million people celebrated New Years Eve in front of this famous touristic attraction. All the way from the Brandenburger Tor till the Siegessäule (which is a distance of about 2 kilometers) you can find stages, music, bars and plenty of excited people. The countdown at midnight is an impressive experience by itself and if you ask me everybody should experience a large public countdown at least once in his life.

Brandenburger Tor during New Years Eve in Berlin(©
Brandenburger Tor during New Years Eve in Berlin(©

Music, Stages, Bars and more
Doing a countdown with 1 million people is already something unique but besides that there are plenty of other reasons to visit Brandenburger Tor. Like every year, there will be many great artists and cool performances during Silvester (this is the German word for New Years Eve). The Silvesterparty am Brandenburger Tor can already be visited on the 30th of December, from 14.00 till 20.00 some artists and bands will start practicing their songs and this is actually fun to see. Obviously, the real New Years Eve Party starts one day later: Once again you are welcome from 14.00 but the real program starts at 19.00. Later at night, around 21.45, the German TV-channel ZDF will broadcast an official television-show and get everybody ready for the countdown. After midnight the party will keep going for many hours.

Silvester Brandenburger Tor
The party at Brandenburger Tor attracts 1 million visitors

Most crowded place in Berlin on New Years Eve
If you want to experience the Silvesterparty am Brandenburger Tor, it is highly advisable to try and get there very early. This location has always been one of the most popular places to celebrate New Years Eve in Berlin. People from all over the world come to Berlin for this countdown and 2018-2019 will not be any different. Just to create an image: Last year people were not able to get out of the nearby located metro-stations after 20.00 on New Years Eve.

Name: Silvesterparty am Brandenburger Tor
Address: Straße des 17. Juni
Entrance: Free
Opening Hours: Starts at 14.00
Public Transport: Station Brandenburger Tor (U5, S1 en S2)
Music: Different acts and DJ’s
Website + copyright 2nd image:



2. Solid techno in the Ritter Butzke

Logo Ritter Butzke Berlin
Most New Years Eve parties in Berlin offer a versatile mix of music. With Silvester many large groups want to party together and therefore it is a good strategy to offer different kind of music-styles. But Berlin would not be Berlin without some solid techno so also on New Years Eve you can find plenty of these kind of parties. The Ritter Butzke is one of the clubs which offers a very nice line-up with talented German DJs on New Years Eve.

Hippie New Year
The name of this party in the Ritter Butzke is Hippie New Year and you are welcome to enter the club from 23.00. The party will go on till Wednesday the 2nd of January 3PM. This means that you will have almost 2 days time to improve your dance-moves on the best Berliner techno-sounds. Regarding the line-up: If you are into DJs you have probably heard of names like Niconé, Monkey Safari and Dominik Eulberg. These DJs and plenty of others will perform on three different floors so normally everybody should be able to find a floor which suits them just fine.

Dominik Eulberg
Dominik Eulberg is visiting Berlin (©

If you want to celebrate New Years Eve in a real Berliner club with some lovely techno, you should definitely consider visiting the Ritter Butzke. The tickets are available for 22,50 Euro but will be more expensive once the early-bird stage expires. During the 3rd release the tickets can be bought for 35 Euro. The price is a bit higher than some other clubs in this list with New Years Eve parties but the line-up is great and the Ritter Butzke is a very nice place to party. The club can be reached by foot from station Moritzplatz, which is only three stations away from Alexanderplatz (with the U8).

Win 2×2 Free Guestlist-Spots for this New Years Eve party
The Ritter Butzke has been nice enough to give us 2×2 free guestlist-spots to use for a giveaway. If you want to join the giveaway you only have tag a friend under this Facebook-Post. We will publish the winners of the guestlist-spots on Facebook in the week before New Years Evening.

Name: Hippie New Year in Ritter Butzke
Address: Ritterstrasse 24
Entrance: 22,50€ – 35€
Opening Hours: Monday 23.00 – Wednesday 15.00
Public Transport: U-Bahn Moritzplatz
Music: Deephouse, Techno
Website: Ritter Butzke


3. All in one: New Years Eve at the Kulturbrauerei

Kulturbrauerei New YearsThe Kulturbrauerei is a courtyard near the U-bahn station Eberswalder Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg. This courtyard is home to many companies, restaurants and clubs in Berlin. On New Years Eve all clubs in the Kulturbrauerei combine their strengths and give you the possibility to start 2019 with a very versatile party. It is the biggest indoor New Years Eve Party in Berlin and with one ticket you are able to visit 8 different clubs and 13 different dancefloors. If you like to switch between music-styles during the night, the Kulturbrauerei might be your best option for New Years Eve in Berlin.

New Years Eve Party on 13 Floors and with 30 DJ’s

With its great amount of choice, this is definitely one of my favourite alternatives for New Years Eve in Berlin. Silvester in der Kulturbrauerei gives you the possibility to visit many different clubs and therefore experience lots of different music styles and atmospheres. You can enjoy live-performances of bands, listen to DJs and enjoy clubs like the Kesselhaus, Alte Kantine, Club 23 and SODA.

The Kulturbrauerei during New Years Eve in Berlin (
The Kulturbrauerei during New Years Eve in Berlin (

A benefit for some of you might be that this party already starts at 20.00. This means you can go there directly after dinner and enjoy many hours of dancing without being home extremely late. It is also nice that there will be large countdown around midnight in the middle of the courtyard: Obviously not as big as the one near Brandenburger Tor but still with several thousands of people. Tickets for Silvester in der Kulturbrauerei can be bought for 29 euro each on the website below.

If you are looking for a versatile party with a reasonable price this might be the perfect option for your New Years Eve in Berlin. Especially for bigger groups this could be a great way to satisfy all people.

Win 2×2 Free Tickets for this New Years Party
The great thing about this New Years Party in Berlin is that we are allowed to giveaway 2×2 free tickets. All you have to do is tag a friend under this Facebook-Post. The winners will be published on Facebook one week before New Years Eve.

Name: Silvester in der Kulturbrauerei
Address: Sredzkistrasse 1 or Knaackstrasse 97
Entrance: From 29 euro
Opening Hours: Starts at 20.00
Public Transport: U-Bahn Eberswalder Str. (U2), S-Bahn Schönhauser Allee (S8, S9)
Music: 80s, 90s, R&B, Pop, Electro, Schlager
Website + copyright images: Kulturbrauerei



4. For all ages: Zitadelle Spandau

Zitadelle Spandau, Lichterfest 2009, Festival of LightsIn this list with great locations for New Years Eve you can find many events which are mainly interesting for young adults. Going to a club with loud techno does not really fit in the average family-holiday I suppose. Lucky enough Berlin also offers some cool events for families. The Zitadelle in Spandau is one of the best maintained castles in Europe and offers a New Years Eve event which is perfect for both young and old.

A good time for all ages
I have been in the Zitadelle once to visit a concert and can guarantee you that the location will impress you. The castle is surrounded by water and inside the walls you will find many stands with both food and drinks. Besides that there is a stage where several bands and acts will perform. Especially for the kids there will be a small children-disco in the beginning of the night and starting around 21.00 the party will start for the grown-ups.

The castle Zitadelle in Spandau
The castle Zitadelle in Spandau (©

Four times fireworks
During this New Years Eve party you can enjoy three different stages with DJs, live-bands and more. Besides that you can watch fireworks at four different times during the night (6pm, 8pm, 10pm and midnight) so even the small children can be part of it. You can get a better impression of the castle when you watch the following video.

If you are celebrating New Years Eve in Berlin with a mixed group of people the Zitadelle might be just the location for you. The location can be found in the north-west of Berlin, not that far from the Airport Tegel. Because the public transport is great in Berlin it will not be very hard to reach the Zitadelle (see stations below).

Name: Zitadelle Spandau
Address: Am Juliusturm 64, 13599 Berlin
Entrance: 10 Euro
Opening-Hours: Starts at 15.00
Public Transport: U7 Zitadelle
Music: All time Favourites
Website: No own website


5. Famous DJs in Funkhaus Berlin

HYTE NYE BerlinIf the line-ups of the Ritter Butzke, Astra and Humboldthain Club are not “famous” enough for you, you should probably consider visiting the HYTE-Party in Funkhaus Berlin. Usually clubs in Berlin invite pretty solid DJs, but the line-up of this party is even more extreme. You do not see names like Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot, Richie Hawtin and Stephan Bodzin performing on the same party that often. These DJs are normally playing at large festivals and clubs which cost quite a lot of money to book on a night like New Years Eve.

Funkhaus Berlin
Since last year the HYTE-Parties at New Years Eve ware being organised in the Funkhaus Berlin. This is an interesting building with a rich history: It was build in the year 1951. The Funkhaus is located in Rummelsburg and can be reached by tram number 21 (departs at station Ostkreuz). The party will take place from 18.00 and will keep going for exactly 24-hours. Enough time to get ready for 2019 I guess.

New Years Eve in Berlin in the Arena Club
New Years Eve in Berlin in the Arena Club (HYTE)

The party on New Years Eve is organised by HYTE and you can see the full line-up by visiting the website below. The tickets started at 52€ but that phase is sold out already. Currently the tickets cost 62€ and they will go up to 82€ so it can be smart to buy tickets a.s.a.p. If you keep in mind that a concert of these DJs normally costs about 30 Euro, the price is not that high after all. The HYTE-Party starts at 18.00 and will keep going for 24hours.

Win 2 tickets for this Party with NYE in Berlin
The organisation of HYTE NYE in Berlin has allowed us to giveaway 2×2 free tickets for this party in Berlin. All you have to do is tag a friend under this post on Facebook. The winners of the tickets will be communicated on Facebook in the second week of December.

Name: HYTE @ Funkhaus Berlin
Address: Nalepastraße 18
Entrance: 52€ tot 82€
Opening Hours: 18.00 – 18.00
Public Transport: Rummelsburg Tram 21
Music: Techno & House
Website: HYTE Berlin



6. New Years on a Christmas Market

Christmas-Market Gendarmenmarkt ( our yearly article about the best christmas-markets in Berlin we have put the Weihnachtszauber am Gendarmenmarkt on the first spot this year. This Christmas Market is beautifully situated and the atmosphere fits the season perfectly. If you are in Berlin during the months November and December you should definitely visit this market.

Special New Years Eve event
But this list is about New Years Eve parties, so lets get to the point: The Weihnachtszauber Christmas Market is offering a special program during New Years Eve. For not more than 6 Euro you can enjoy several hours of music, performances, food and drinks and a countdown with fireworks around midnight. On the official website (see below) you can find more information about the activities during the night.

Christmas Market Gendarmenmarkt (
Another nice corner of the Christmas market Weihnachtszauber (©

When you just love Christmas Markets and do not really need to party till early in the morning, this option might be perfect for you. I have been on the Christmas Market and the atmosphere is just great. I can imagine that the countdown is going to be something special and the firework from the top of one of the buildings should also be spectacular.

You can reach the Christmas Market from station station Stadtmitte and the party will start around 21.00.

Name: New Years Eve on a Christmas Market
Address: Gendarmenmarkt
Entrance: 6 Euro
Opening Hours: 21.00 – 01.00
Public Transport: U2 or U6 to Stadtmitte
Music: All time Favourites
Website: Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin


7. Deephouse music in Astra Club

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-08 um 11.18.09The Astra Club is a club in the notorious Revaler Straße which starts at the end of the Warschauer Brucke. This club has been listed in my monthly party calendar for Berlin several times because plenty of good parties can be found here. Although the Astra Club does not have the rawness of many other clubs like Ritter Butzke, Berghain or Sisyphos, it is still a cool club with a nice and central location.

Deephouse music
On New Years Eve the Astra Club offers a very solid line-up with talented DJs like Kollektiv Ost, Umami en Lexy & K-Paul. All of this will be available for only 20 Euro if you buy ticket in advance. Because these DJs are normally playing at large festivals and international superclubs, you do not have to worry about the music-quality. The tickets for this party are available on Resident Advisor and more information can be found on the website of the Astra Club (see link below).

Astra Club is also an option for New Years Eve in Berlin
Astra Club is also an option for New Years Eve in Berlin

The New Years Eve party in Astra Club will start at 23.59 and will keep going till early morning on the 1st of January (08:00). If you still in the mood to dance after that you can always visit the Ritter Butzke or the HYTE-Party afterwards. Besides a solid line-up the Astra Club will most likely offer some food, special decoration and enough excited people. All in all this seems a pretty solid option for New Years Eve in Berlin.

Name: Astra Club
Address: Revalerstraße 99
Entrance: 20€
Times: Vanaf 23.59 – 09.00
Public Transport: S of U-Bahn Warschauer Straße
Music: House, electro, techno
Website: Astra Club



8. New Years Eve for just 15 euro in Humboldthain Club

Humboldthain Club BerlinAlthough all parties in this list are interesting, some of them are quite expensive. If you party with a larger group and everybody has to invest 30 Euro entrance, you are spending a lot of money before you even started partying. Lucky enough there are also some clubs in Berlin who can be entered for a very reasonable price. The Humboldthain Club is one of them and offers a party from 22.00 till 12.00 for only 15 Euro. So if you just want to experience New Years Eve in Berlin but want to save some money for the drinks, this option might be great for you.

Humboldthain Club
If you hear about an entrance of 10 Euro, you might suspect that the party will not be that special. Most normal bars in Holland or the UK expect at least 20-25 Euro entrance on New Years Eve and do not offer much extra compared to an usual saturday-night. But in Berlin these things are different: In 2016 I visited this party for a few hours myself and had a great time. It was not overly crowded, the music was solid and the drinks were reasonably priced. The Humboldthain Club is a nice club with 2 floors and an outside area.

Party in Berlin at New Years Eve in the Humboldthain Club
Party in Berlin at New Years Eve in the Humboldthain Club

The Humboldthain Club is located between the stations Gesundbrunnen and Wedding but the easiest way to reach it would be traveling to the station Humboldthain. As the public transport will run all night, it should not be a problem to reach the club.

Win 3×2 tickets for this Party
Although 10 Euro is not that much money, it is still great to win free tickets for an event like this. Humboldthain Club gave us the opportunity to giveaway 3×2 tickets. All you have to do is checkout this Facebook-post, tag a friend under it and you are already participating. The winners will be published in the week before this New Years Eve party in Berlin.

Name: Humboldthain Club
Address: Hochstraße 46
Entrance: 15 Euro
Opening Times: From 22.00 – 12.00
Public Transport: Humboldthain, Wedding of Gesundbrunnen
Music:House, Techno, Boogie, Funk, Hip Hop, Classics
Website: Humboldthain Club


9. New Years Eve in Berlin on a Boat

Parties on New Years Eve are often compared to normal parties in a regular weekend. You expect a bit more, but except for the countdown not much changes in many clubs and bars. If you want to have a special experience during New Years Eve 2018-2019, you might want to consider celebrating on a boat. Enjoying the night and countdown on a boat in the Spree, Havel or other waters surrounding Berlin is definitely something unique and unforgettable.

New Years Eve on the Spree (©
New Years Eve on the Spree (©

Onboarding in Treptower Park
If you would like to celebrate New Years Eve on a boat you have to decide as soon as possible. There are just a limited amount of boats and as we were writing this article some were already booked out. We still found three types of boats which are departing from Hafen Treptow and therefore are easy to reach for most people. The tickets for these boats are not cheap: Including drinks and food you will have to pay 105 Euro per person to be part of this experience. Visit this website to find the boat which fits you best.

Obviously one of the greatest things about celebrating New Years Eve on a boat is the fact that you will have a spectacular view on the fireworks. So if you are looking for something unique for New Years Eve 2018, you might want to consider this option.

Name: New Years Eve on the Spree
Address: Departure Hafen Treptow
Entrance: 105 euro
Opening Hours: From 19.00
Music: All types of music
Website + copyright images: Website



10. New Years Eve on the 15th Floor: Weekend Club

When you not on a budget during New Years Eve in Berlin, you could consider visiting the Weekend Club which is located on a walking distance from Alexanderplatz. This club is mainly famous because it is located on the 15th floor of a massive building. The club has a large terrace from which you have an impressive view over Berlin. Obviously this is especially awesome on New Years Eve because you can enjoy the fireworks over the skyline of Berlin.

House & HipHop
Just like some of the other clubs I have listed, you can expect a mix of different music-styles in the Weekend Club. The DJs which are playing are not famous but will most likely present a booming performance on a special night like this. Besides the usual techno and deep-house you will also be able to hear some HipHop music in the Weekend Club. The tickets for this event on New Years are available for 43€ now but will be more expensive if you wait longer.

The terrace on the 15th floor of Weekend Club
The terrace on the 17th floor of Weekend Club

If you like to have a great view during NYE, the Weekend could be a good place to visit. In my opinion the tickets are a bit too expensive but you do not celebrate New Years Eve in Berlin every year. The location is really impressive and when you are looking out over Berlin around midnight you will not think about the ticket-price anymore. More information about the club and the view can be found on the website which is listed below.

Giveaway 1×2 Free tickets
Also for this party we are allowed to giveaway some free tickets (1×2). If you want to participate you just have to visit the following post on Facebook and tag that one friend which should definitely join you to this party on New Years Eve. The winners will be published on Facebook in the week before the actual event.

Name: New Years Eve at Weekend
Address: Alexanderstraße 7
Entrance: 43€ – 49€
Opening times: 21.00 – 08.00
Public Transport: Station Alexanderplatz
Music: House/Techno, HipHop and more
Website: House Of Weekend



New Years Eve in Berlin summarized

As can be read above, there are many different alternatives if you want to party on New Years Eve in Berlin. In the end it all depends on your preferences: When you want to have an unforgettable experience it could be a good idea to visit Brandenburger Tor or enjoy New Years Eve on a boat. When you don´t want to spend too much money on entrance you should go to Humboldthain Club. If the line-up of the party is important to you and you like electronic music, I would consider visiting the Ritter Butzke, Funkhaus Berlin or the Astra Club. Besides the clubs, you can also do something special and celebrate New Years Eve on a Christmas Market or inside a castle. For all the bigger groups it might be cool to party in the Kulturbrauerei because the music and possibilities are endless there.

The author: Job

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  • Hey Job,
    Thanks for the detailed review,
    Please be informed that there is a big trance party as well, called: Odyssee.
    For the benefit of your readers.

    Best regards and happy new year!

  • hi job
    we are a couple she 30 staying in mitte and would like to enjoy the new years eve. we would like to enjoy a good party with some good crowd and great music followed by some amazing fireworks. from what I’ve read on the net, I’ve shortlisted the weekend club, the hyte party at funkhaus, party at alte munze. please recommend which one should we head to and if you have something better in mind then please do recommend.

    • Hi Charlie,

      The weekend club is not what you are looking for. There will be many youngsters (21-25 y.o.). If you want to have many clubs and some fireworks on a central spot all in one ticket you should visit the Kulturbrauerei.

      HYTE is a great party if you like big DJs. It will be mainly techno.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Jon,

      Yes, that will definitely be one of the best NYE-Parties you can attend. Especially on techno-parties it can be very hard to meet new people because people are very focused with the music.

      Have a great time!

    • Hi

      We are in Berlin for new year and going to the street party. We are looking for advice on pubs close to it. We are wrapping up casual as possible as it’s meant to be raining tomorrow. Any advice on what we can do while at the gate from 8pm onwards as it’s a long time to wait. What do people normally do? We don’t want to risk going and not enjoy it as it’s wet with no access to bars or things to do. Thanks

    • Hi Johan,

      Most pubs and bars which are close to the Brandenburger Tor will be packed or only work with reservations.

      The pubs are also not in the area of the street-party, so if you go into a pub till 23:00, you will not find a nice spot anymore.

      There will be a program to entertain the people who are waiting till midnight. So it kinda comes down to waiting and enjoying that.

      Have fun!

  • Good work on the site! Do you have a recommendtion on a club/bar that has a good view of the fireworks and is also a fun party? We are in our 30s and don’t want teenagers or old people! Thanks!

    • Hi Joel,

      the clubs mentioned in this article would suit your age very well. Some of them are still selling tickets.

      Seeing the fireworks will be a bit harder, therefore you could visit the Club Weekend but that party is sold out.

      So I would suggest getting tickets for one of the other parties.

      Have fun!

  • Hi there:)
    Keep up the good work you’re doing with your blog, as now I have an idea of what to do in Berlin for New Years Eve.
    We are a couple between 40 and 50 years old and we were wondering if there’s any place more suitable for us, as we don’t feel like going on a disco full of 20 years old kids 😀
    Do you know if there’s any 80’s disco or any place you can recommend for people our age???
    Thank you so much for any information:)

    • Hi Monica,

      thanks for the compliment.

      The Zitadelle and the Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt would be the best location to visit for you. There will be more people your age and the music will probably also be more suitable.

      Have a great time!

  • Hi!
    We are a couple coming to Berlin for New Year’s. We are staying in Mitte. Can you recommend a nice, middle priced restaurant in that area – and where should we go to see fireworks? I think we want to avoid the huge crowd at Brandenburger Tor. can we watch the fireworks from distance? I have read, that you can see fireworks from Monbijou Park, but can’t find any videos/pictures from there.
    Hope you can help. Thanks

    • Hi Mette,

      thanks for your comment.

      Which restaurant would suit you best depends a lot on what you are looking for. We personally like vietnamese food and in that case you can visit this place, which is not so far from your location.

      There will be fireworks all over Berlin but the one at Brandenburger Tor will be very spectacular. There will be fireworks at many other spots as well, but it is not officially organized so not easy to know in advance. Maybe you just have a walk around midnight and check some touristic places where people will definitely be gathered and fireworks will be visible.

      Have fun!

  • Hi Job,

    I love your website and your good information, keep going, you will arrive so far. 🙂

    I’m going to Berlin this NYE 2016-2017 with a group of friends ( 12 people of 25-27 years old). We were recommended to party at Kreuzburg neighbourhood, for alternative party and Oranienstrassen for bars and pubs. Do you have any specific recommendation in those places? And do you know any restaurant or place where we can eat that night for a reasonable price (30€) and which is possible to book, because we are a little big group.

    Thanks you,

    Best wishes

    • Hi Anna,

      the party in the Ritter Butzke will be close to you and has a very solid line-up. I would go there if I were you.

      About the restaurants: In Berlin you will be able to eat in almost all restaurants for less than 30 Euro a person. In the end it all depends on the kind of restaurant you like but I would suggest you just take Google Maps and find a nice place in your area.

      Have fun!

  • Greeting from Denver, Colorado! Thanks for all the great info! At the Brandenburg celebration, are you allowed to drink outdoors? Are there places to buy alcohol while you enjoy the party? Are there bars/clubs right off the Gate that you go to? Thanks!

  • Hi John,

    If you want to get close to the gate, you have to except that it will be very crowded. It is the biggest event in the city.

    You can walk there from the TV-Tower, that will not be very far (max 20-30 minutes). That will probably be easier than public transport.

    There will be taxis, but they will be full most of the time. Too much people, too few taxis.

    Hope this helps.

    V ood luck!

  • Hi Jeffry,

    I think a lot of people want to stay close to the fireworks but not inbetween loads of people. That’s why I think that’s going to be very hard. If you wanna go there you have to except that it is crowded.

    There will be fireworks everywhere but just from private people. Big countdowns will not be organised at hackescher markt.

    Good luck!

  • Hello,

    I see you recommend the Zitadelle or Christmas Market for families with little ones. Will they have fireworks at midnight? If so, what time do you recommend arriving and what is the cost to get in. Will they have events for children through the night?

    Thank you

    • Hi Kay,

      thanks for your comment.

      Both are great for little children. At the Zitadelle they even have special Fireworks for children earlier around 19.00 I think.

      The prices are written in the article and Zitadelle also has a special disco for children.

      Have fun!

  • Hi, your article is very helpful. We love Berlin and would like to come to this great city for the NY-2017. We are a family of 5 and we want to celebrate together in spite of age difference. Our elder kids are 25 and 28 but our youngest daughter is ony 15 so we need a place with under 18 access. None of us speak German. Can you rcommend a party that would be suitable for us? Most are over 18 only, unfortunately. What is worse, not all the clubs provide the information about under-18 access on their websites. We don’t want to buy a ticket and then they don’t let us!

    • Hi Sergey,

      I am pretty sure that you will not be allowed entrance in most clubs with someone who below 18.

      Therefore I would rather visit the Zitadelle or the Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt if I were you. These are different types of parties but clubs will not be possible unfortunately.

      Good luck!

  • Hi!
    I am visiting Berlin for NYE with my boyfriend who is 22 same as me.
    We don’t wanna go to Brandenburg because we don’t like big crowds and massive events. We would like something a bit more exclusive than that but for people our age. Do you have any recommendations? The exact name of the party if possible please!
    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Catherine,

      you probably will have a lot of fun in the Ritter Butzke or Astra Club. It will be crowded everywhere but in these clubs you will find plenty of people of your age.

      In the Weekend Club you can also find younger people normally.

      Have fun!

  • Hey there!! I am
    Spanish but I live in Australia.. I am thinking this New Years to come berlin as I will be in Europe.. I was wondering if u have any clue of more alternative party’s.. o maybe any website , Facebook page.. or something.. I can find them! I know is still a bit early..

    • Hi Patty,

      the last couple of suggestions are more alternative but most places are pretty crowded around New-Years-Eve.

      I will update the article within the next couple of weeks so make sure you check it out once in a while.

      Best wishes!

  • Hi,

    Will you be updating this for the 2016.2017 NYE events in Berlin? I’m coming with my boyfriend and we would love to have an idea of what’s going on so we can get tickets early!!

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Milly,

      we will definitely write another article but it is a bit early for that. The clubs have not published anything about New Years Eve 2016-2017.

      But most parties will also take place this year and our list will be published somewhere in Oktober/November.


    • Hi Job,

      I understand you will update your blog as you get info for the 2016/17 NYE. Is this the correct URL to watch or another?



    • Very cool Job –

      Any recommendations for the older crowd that enjoys good old 70’s era Berlin Rock n Roll?



  • hello
    Nice article
    i would love to go and party but i am afraid that i will end up alone so that is the problem i don’t have company 🙁

  • Hi, thank you for the helpful article! I´m going to berlin over new years eve with my girlfriend and we wanna party hard the 31st. Like getting home at lunchtime the day after-hard. We are more into hiphop, R&b, and nice “guilty pleasure” music. House & electro such as dubstep is fun as well, but we wanna stay away from the classic german underground techno as much as possible. what club/clubs would you reccomend? We live in Kreuzberg during our stay.
    With kind regards, Jabo

    • Hi Jabo,

      thanks for your comment. If you want to party till lunch you will most likely end up in a techno-place after all.

      There are plenty of other clubs in Berlin (Musik & Frieden, Fritz Club, Rosi’s) but these mostly don’t stay open that long.

      The Wilden Renate is a pretty cool club by the way and also has a basement with guilty pleasures.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Giovanni,

      I never visit these kind of clubs so I really do not know. But the Watergate is quite Poshy if you ask me and most clubs in the West of Berlin are also poshy.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Gülin,

      I would suggest going to a public place like Alexanderplatz or Potsdamer Platz. Just watch the fireworks and have a nice walk through the city.

      Good luck!

  • Hi,
    I will be visiting Berlin with my wife for NYE. We are at 30’s so perhaps you may recommend us a nice restaurant which serves nice German food suitable for NYE. The price at most should be 50 to 70 Euros per each. It should be near to Brandenburger Tor as we are planning to watch the fireworks afterwards. Also do we have to make reservation before we go? If yes when will it be the best time for reservation? Thank you for your kind advise.

    • Hi Saygo,

      I would definitely suggest making a reservation, probably as soon as possible. It might be hard to get a table in the better restaurants already.

      Personally I do not know a lot of restaurants in the area around Brandenburger Tor but Google will help you out I guess 🙂

      Good luck!

  • Hello from Greece.
    Your article is very helpful.
    Do you know other place for a couple with child except of Solar?
    Solar’s menu costs 250€!!!!???!!
    We will be at Berlin and we want something that we can go with our daughter to eat and drink and change the year. Obviously we can not do the Solar choice!

    • Hi Kougis,

      Unfortunately I am not informed about the food-prices of the restaurants but there will be plenty of choice for a more reasonable price.

      Maybe just google the type of food you like and the area it should be in. I can recommend Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain (area’s)å.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Kougis,

      Unfortunately I do not have any information about the prices of the food in restaurants. But I am sure there are plenty of cheaper options in Berlin. Maybe you should just google the type of food you like and the area in which you want to eat. If you do not know which area, I think Prenzlauer Berg is great for families.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Ash,

      From what I have heard there will also be a cover-band in the Kulturbrauerei. Maybe check their website and see for yourself.

      Besides that some small bars and pubs will probably offer live music.

      Good luck!

  • Hi, i’ll be in Berlin with a friend, we’re mid 20’s and we’re looking for the unforgeatable new year party, we also need places to eat delicous food and try new German specialities in our vacation period, thank you.

    • Hi Nicolas,

      It all depends on your taste of music. Personally I think visiting a club will be great and there are plenty of great DJs in Berlin on New Years Eve.

      Have fun!

    • Hi Compo,

      Do you mean the one in Ewerk? It will probably be a nice party but I love the parties in the East of Berlin. The prices are normally better and the people are less “posh”.

      Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • Hello everyone, I am a turkish girl and I am coming alone to Berlin for New Year, Besides Brandenburger Tor to which party can I go for a “safe” and fun experience? 🙂

    • Hi Zeynep,

      I guess it will not be hard to meet some people at the Brandenburger Tor. Maybe you should join them to a club?

      In general Berlin is not a dangerous place but there are some spots which you might want to avoid. Let me know if you need any more help!

      Good luck!

  • hi we are a group of 4 from malta and we are travelling to Germany from 26th till 2 January any suggstions ?

    thanks sarah

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your comment. I am sure that there will be a large amount of great new-years parties in Berlin this year, but none of them is really communicating information already.

      I will publish another article later this year, so just keep an eye on my page 🙂



  • Hey Berlin-Enjoy-

    I just wanted to thank you for answering these questions so politely- I know of many people in Berlin who would be super annoyed helping people who ask questions like these, so thank you for your patience and nice advice and I hope you had a wonderful new year!



    • Hi Dru, thanks for your comment. That is very friendly of you.

      I am happy to help 🙂

      Wish you all the best for 2015 as well!

  • Hi!!!
    we are planning to go to Unter den Linden/Friedrichstr to see the fireworks at 23hs more o less, it would be posible to see something for there ? or we have to go near to brandeburguer tor ??
    we are hosted near to check point charly.
    thanks in advise!!

    • Sorry Rodrigo, I did not have access to a computer at the 31st of December. Hope you found your way around Berlin 🙂

  • Hello.

    We are traveling with our friends together with our kids to Berlin to see the Fire works at the Brandenburger Tor on New years eve.. There are 5 adult and about 5kids. from your experience what would you prefer for us to do and what time should we arrived to the place in that way our kids can experience that fireworks without the craziness? I don’t mind watching from outside, and then leave right after the firework, or should we still wait until many people leaves?.

    thank you.

    • Hi Flo,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It will be very busy at Brandenburger Tor. I would suggest arriving there around 18.00 or earlier if you want a good spot.
      Seeing the fireworks from further out would be easier but than you will probably not even be able to see the Brandenburger Tor.

      There are parties, acts and DJs at Brandenburger Tor so I guess many people will stay a bit after midnight. I guess it will be hard to leave for a while.

      Wish you a great time and let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Hi there!

    Thanks for the fantastic article!

    My boyfriend and I plan to go to the countdown but afterwards we are planning on some intense raving 😛

    What nightclub would you most recommend for psy minimal/electro?

    We are also planning on trying to get into Bergain whilst in Berlin, do you have any tips? Is a Friday easier to get in than Sat/Sun or hard to say?

    Thanks so much and happy new year! 🙂

    • Hi Gioia,

      There are many good Techno clubs. Maybe you will like the Tresor in Köpenickerstraße. Or have a look on Resident Advisor.

      About the Berghain: Arrive there between 06.00 and 08.00 in the morning and you have more chance to get in.

      Have fun!

  • Hey, I will be spending new years in Berlin with my girlfriend and was looking for a club with more “commercial” music than deep house/techno. i heard some friends telling me about Felix. What do you think about it?

    • Hi Marc,

      I never heard of the Felix. More Commercial music can be found in Fritz, Alte Kantine, Franz Club, Matrix and some other clubs.

      Wish you a great time!

  • Hello

    We are a couple looking for tickets for Ritter Butzke. Any chance to get in without having booked in advance?

    Thank you

    • Hi Fransesco,

      Normally it should not be a problem for a couple to get into clubs. I guess getting in around 01.00 will be hard, but if you go early in the morning many people who bought tickets left already. But why would you not just buy tickets? The entrance will also have to be paid at the door…

      Good luck and have fun!

  • Hello,

    I am going to Berlin for nye. I would like to know if “House of Weekend” is a good option to party. Did you experienced it?

    Very thankfully

    • Hi Patrick,

      Have not been there so cannot help you to answer that question. What I heard is that is a bit more expensive but has a great view.

      Best wishes!

  • Hello,
    We are traveling a group of 4 people. Two guys and two girls(2 couples) What would you prefer us to do? which place is would suit us to go? we are around 21-22 years old. We would like to enter the club or the restaurant with a programme. Thanks

    • Hi, thanks for your comment.

      If you also want to eat something the Solar Club might be a good idea. Furthermore you can make a reservation for a nice restaurant and go to one of the parties after.

      It is also possible to visit clubs without buying a ticket before, but I would suggest going a bit later then so the first people already left the club.

      Good luck!

  • Hi,
    what about NYE party in Kino International (Karl-Marx-Allee)? I have bought the Gold tickets there…

    It is possible to walk there from Brandenburger Tor after midnight?



    • Hi Jozef,

      This is just a selection of the parties in Berlin. There are many other parties which are worth visiting. I have no information about the Kino International but it might be a great party.

      If you wait a while at Brandenburger Tor, till 02.00 for example, you can probably use the public transport already again.

      Have fun!

  • Hi
    We are planning new year in Berlin- we are doing the street party then want find a club/bar after. Do we need to book tickets before we travel?
    Or can we just wander and find somewhere and pay on the door?
    We are not in full flush of youth but like a good party!

    • Hi Andy,
      You can visit many clubs without tickets. Some clubs do not even sell tickets and the ones which do can always be visited early in the morning, the first people who bought tickets will leave already around that time. B
      Hope this helps!
      Have a good time 🙂

  • Hello,

    I wanna go this new years eve solo to random Europe city and spend new years eve there, I just wanna party at night clubs, drinking/dancing/meeting new people. Do you think Berlin is good choice for that, and if so, to which clubs should I go, without big entrance lines and expensive tickets?

    • Hi Miha,

      That sounds like a great way to travel.
      Berlin is a great city for that, although people tend to focus on the music a lot in Techno-clubs.

      Maybe go to some hostels to meet people and just join them? There are plenty of cheap clubs and bars during New Years as well.

      Have fun and good luck!

  • Hi,
    We are planning our NYE in Berlin with our kids ( 12 yo), and i would like to know if those parties permit kids entrance ( i.e. #7) and if you have some restaurants or parties that you consider better to go with kids.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Graziela,

      Thanks for your comment. I think you can have dinner at Solar with kids but I am not sure if they are allowed on the dance-floor. There is a mail-address on the website and they answer quickly.

      I am not a big expert on the field of restaurants but most of the restaurants will be fine for kids. The higher the price, the more mature the people generally are I guess.

      Good luck!

  • Im heading with my friend to Berlin for New Years! I have read up some good things about the city. Guess we will be starting off at Brandenburger Tor and then heading to Silvester at Fritz Club. Hope its going to be a good spot to party up because i know for a fact we wouldn’t be able to get into Berghain, I am certainly not going to stand in line for that. We will try the next day though.

    Would it be easy to travel from the Tor to the Fritz Club? i do prefer other more prominent clubs but not sure at this point it would be easier to get in such as Watergate, Visionaire, and a few others. What could you recommend?

    • Hi Roland,

      Personally I would also not take the risk of wasting your New Years Eve/Night by standing in Line. I guess most prominent clubs will be very crowded.

      Unfortunately I do not know which clubs are easy to get in on New Years Eve. It might be different circumstances around that time. Maybe go to a party where you can buy tickets? Ritter Butzke might be a cool option?

      Wish you all the best!

    • Hello, have you heard about Kreutzberg bar – Das hotel? I ve been there once for a drink during the weekend and it was very nice, so I m wondering about spending there NY but I could not find any informations on their www.

    • Hi Vespavesper, thanks for your comment.

      I never heard of this place so I unfortunately cannot help you. Maybe try to send them an email?

      Good luck!

  • Hi ,

    Went through your post, pretty good one. We are going to Berlin on 28 and will be at Weekend rooftop for Jan Blomqvist play on 30th…We have no hostel booking for new years eve and was thinking to go for Watergate after midnight (like at 2-3am), having a train on 8am next day. Why is watergate not listed on your recommendations? Is it because of their Line-up? what suggestion you have for us, knowing we are already attending a good party the day before. Is there any other options to spend the morning rather than partying? (like a mixture of anything, Movie,party or a good bar and etc)


    • Hi Mehrdad,

      Thanks for your comment.

      When I was writing this article, the Watergate did not publish their event on New Years Eve yet. So I was not able to write about them yet.
      The line-up does not look bad so I guess you can have a great party there as well!

      Most bars will be open during New Years Eve and the night after, so I guess you can also just do some sightseeing and warm up once in a while in a bar/pub.

      Have fun!

    • Hi Valentina,

      I am not sure that I understand your question. You mean if you can visit a museum during New Years Eve? I guess not.

      Good luck!

  • Very helpful! I’m travelling with 3 other girls and we are all on our early 20’s, do you know if any of these parties have more of a younger crowd attending or will they all be a mixture? Thanks!

    • Hi Linsay,

      Most of the clubs in Berlin are mixed, there are mostly people between 20-30 years old.

      Normally you will not feel too young in any of the options in this article.

      Have fun!

  • Hi,
    Very nice post. One question: I intend to go in the afternoon to to Brandenburger Tor and see the fireworks there. Afterwards I was planning to go to the New Years at the Kulturbrauerei. Do you think we will have much trouble to go from one place to the other?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Guilherme,

      It could be crowded but I guess it will be possible. Maybe just wait till 02.00 or something so the biggest crowd who comes for the countdown is gone again?

      If you had a few beers it will only be fun to travel in Berlin on New Years Eve, so I would not worry too much.

      Have a great time!

  • Hi,
    very nice post. I wanted to ask something else too. It would be v nice if you could help. I am going to Berlin on 30th with a group of 7 and we will see the celebrations at Brandenburger Tor on 31st. I wish to know how early do you think we should go to that place inorder to have a good experience? And we also leave next morning at 10 am, so I would like to ask if you have any cool ideas on spending the time after around 2-3 am till 10 am in d morning? (any clubs that would still let us enter at that late hour) Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Deesha,

      Brandenburger Tor is very crowded on New Years Eve. In 2012 the I remember around 20.00 you could not get out of the nearest U-Bahn stations anymore. So I would leave very early (17.00 maybe)?

      The second question is less of a problem: All clubs in this list are open till 10.00 and later.

      Have fun and good luck!

  • Hi

    Me and my friend are planning to see the fireworks at Brandenburger Tor but we would love to go to a party/club after. Will there be good transport links, such as public transport operating throughout the night/morning and are we looking to pay more expensive rates for taxis?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      There is a good connection from Brandenburger Tor but I guess it will be very busy there for a long time. If you planning to leave early in the morning it might not be a problem but between 17.00 and 02.00 I guess it will be complicated to travel from the nearest stations. Of course you can walk a bit to any other station.

      Taxi’s will not be more expensive but it will be hard to get one.

      Good luck!

    • Hi! we are in berlin and early we ask about the public transport, they said that it will be open all night but not stop at brandenburguer tor, so you have to go at some station near.
      Hope this help!

  • Hiii…
    I heard that for NYE we can buy tickets for berghain club… Is that correct ? If so ? How? Can u provide me with a link ?…thanks

    • Hi Wal,

      I would be very surprised if this is possible. If the Berghain is open, there will be the same door-policy as always.

      Good luck!

    • there are tickets for the new-years-eve party available at the berghain. and only there. to buy the tickets, you will have to enter the club during the opening hours, and that may be difficult

    • Thanks for the tip. I haven’t heard about this yet, but it would be great to buy tickets in advance. Maybe somebody can confirm this who already bought a ticket?

  • Hi,

    Nice article. We are planning our new year’s eve in Berlin. Is there a rooftop party with a view of Brandenburg Gate?

    • Hi Asim,

      I have not find any rooftop-parties. Think they will be very expensive anyway.

      You could go to Solar if you want to have a great view, but that is not very close to Brandenburger Tor.

      Best wishes!

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