Update: The international Beerfestival is not going to take place in 2022 !!!
More information can be found here but it’s written in German.

When people talk about a German beerfestival, most people mean the famous Oktoberfest in München. Not many people are aware of the fact that Berlin also has its annual beerfestival. It’s called the International Berliner Bierfestival and always takes place in the first weekend of August.

Berliner Bierfestival

The international beerfestival in Berlin will usually take place in the first week of August. Altogether 300 different breweries from 87 different countries come together to offer you a very wide variation of beers. It is estimated that the beerfestival Berlin offers its visitors around 2400 different variations of beer. Divided over 3 days, about 1 million people visit this free festival in Berlin.

Many people come to Berlin to visit the beer-festival
Many people come to Berlin to visit the beer-festival

World’s longest beer garden

Since 1997, the location of the Berliner bierfestival has been the famous Karl Marx Allee. This street is located in the middle of Berlin and can therefore be easily reached. Just travel to Frankfurter Tor, Weberwiese or Strausberger Platz and you will see the beerstands when you get out of the station. Altogether the so called Biermeile is 2,2km long and this makes it world’s longest beer garden. It is actually an official Guinness World Record.

On average, German people drink more than 100 liters of beer every year. Only the people in Czech, Austria and Romania drink more (source).

International Beerfestival Berlin
The International Berliner beer-festival

18 Stages with music

After drinking a bunch of beers, most people get in the mood for some dancing. Lucky enough the beerfestival in Berlin offers 18 different stages with music. You should not expect any DJs like the ones in my monthly party-calendar though. You should expect regional bands, covers and German schlager. This music fits the atmosphere on the Berliner bierfestival 2022 well.

A live-band performing on the beer-festival in Berlin
A live-band performing on the beer-festival in Berlin

FAQ – Practical information

We have visited the Berliner beerfestival several times. This allows us to list some FAQs and practical information for anybody who is planning to visit the beerfestival too:

When will the Berliner bierfestival 2022 take place?

The beerfestival is nog going to take place anymore. It is cancelled unfortunately.

What’s an alternative for the cancelled Berliner Bierfestival?

Were you planning to visit the Berliner Bierfestival and you just found out it’s not taking place? There is another event related to beer in Berlin and it’s called Berlin Beer Week. It will take place in September.

How many people visit the Berliner beerfestival each year?

It is estimated that about 1 million people visit the beerfestival in Berlin each year.

What is the best moment to visit the beerfestival in Berlin?

The best moment to visit the beerfestival would be early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Especially on Saturday, it can get very crowded between 12.00 and 17.00. Therefore we would recommend to visit directly after the doors open or after 6PM.

How much does the beerfestival in Berlin cost? How much does a beer cost?

The entrance to the beerfestival is for free. Most beers can be bought for about 5€ each. Keep in mind that most of the time you will have to pay some deposit because the vendors don’t want to lose too many glasses.

What are the opening-hours of the International Berliner Bierfestival?

On Friday the doors open at 12 o’clock. On Saturday and Sunday you can already visit from 10AM on. The free festival is open until midnight.

How can I reach the beerfestival in Berlin?

The best stations to reach are Strausberger Platz, Frankfurter Tor or Weberwiese. Just get out there and you will see the beerstands.

Two lovely pints of beer from different brands
Two lovely pints of beer from different brands

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. @Job van Hardeveld
    Aus welcher Quelle beziehst du die Info?
    Ich dachte es findet gar nicht mehr statt ?

    • Hey Mario,

      Es findet nicht statt. Habe ich auch erst letzte Woche erfahren.

      Habe es jetzt erstmal im erste Satz vom Artikel geschrieben, damit Leser es mitbekommen.

      Liebe Grüße,


      • Hi, Are you really sure the 2022 Berlin International Beer Festival is Cancelled?
        We were just about to book flights and hotels to visit it.
        Is there an official website for the ‘Berlin International Beer Festival’?


        • Hi James,

          Yes I am sure. I can only find German articles about it but it seems that it’s not going to take place.

          Something similar would be the Berlin Beerweek in September, which I will cover in a post soon.

          Good luck!


      • The link above to the article about the Berlin International Beer Festival being Cancelled is dated 3 Feb 2020.
        Is that information still correct?

        If the festival really is cancelled in 2022 then you should Update your FAQ’s and remove the 2022 dates so people do not get confused.

        • Hey James,

          Yeah I am sure. A translated quote in another article:

          “It’s time to say goodbye: We very much regret to inform you that the International Berlin Beer Festival will no longer exist in the future. After carefully examining all relevant facts, we have decided not to do it in the future.”

          Thanks for the tip, I will change the FAQs.

          Best wishes,


  2. Jerzy Rosenberg Reply

    Es liegt ein Fehler in den Informationen vor. Das Berliner Bierfestival findet dieses Jahr vom 5. bis 7. August statt, nicht wie geschrieben vom 3. bis 5. August.

    Grüße, Jerzy Rosenberg aus Polen.

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