When you are thinking about your next travel destination, Ghana is probably not the first country which pops up in your head. This was not any different in my situation, but then my sister decided to do charity-work in Offinso. Now, when I look back on a six weeks in Africa, Ghana turned out to be a great destination.

Capital of Ghana: Accra

When you want to fly to Ghana, you will normally arrive in Accra. The first hours you will probably be amazed by the new culture and the large capital of Ghana. However, Accra cannot be compared with most other parts of Ghana. The capital is quite developed, very busy ans stays in large contrast with the rest of Ghana.

The busy life in Kumasi (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)
The busy life in Kumasi (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

A country with different faces

This contrast becomes very clear when you travel to the north of Ghana. The more north you get, the more you get to know the real Ghanian people: Small villages with selfmade “houses”, old women with large baskets on their heads and small children who have to work for a living. It’s the rough truth of the world we are living in and if you decide to visit a country like Ghana, it enriches you to see this truth with your own eyes.

While travelling past small villages in the North of Ghana, I realise more than once that a large part of the Ghanian population has only one thing on their mind: Survival. When in Europe we are busy with our next travel destination or our plans for the weekend, here they just want to deliver food on the table. However, young and old are carrying this heavy load with a smile. Although we think Africa is behind, we can still learn a lot from most of these people.

Note I wrote down during my travels in Ghana

Mole National Park

Another reason to make the long journey to the north is the Mole National Park. The wild animals and beautiful nature contribute to a great travel experience. You can decide to join one of the tours where you enter the Mole National Park during sunrise and enjoy a jeep-safari in the afternoon. The accommodation outside the national park is great, sleeping in authentic huts, eating local food and sitting around a campfire every night. This is why travelling is so gorgeous!

Deer Mole National Park Ghana
A deer from very close in Mole National Park Ghana
Monkey in Mole National park (© Berlin-enjoy.com)
Monkey in Mole National park (© Berlin-enjoy.com)

Busua and the great coast

When you arrive in the south of Ghana you realise how many different faces Ghana has. In cities like Cape Coast and Busua you can enjoy the life of palmtrees, white beaches and juicy cocktails. Therefore my travel advice is to visit the north first which is a more confronting travel location and then enjoy same lazy days in the sun of a gorgeous city like Busua. Some surfing and the laidback atmosphere will make sure you travel back to Europe fresh and rested.

The coast of Ghana: Busua (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)
The coast of Ghana: Busua (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)


Ghana is my travel advice to you. You are able to experience the African culture and also lay on the beach as if you were in Ibiza. Markets in cities like Accra and Kumasi are yet another face of the great country of Ghana. If you are still looking for a travel destination and you want something different: Fly to Accra!

Beach Fisherman Ghana (© Berlin-enjoy.com)
Beach Fisherman Ghana (© Berlin-enjoy.com)

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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