Every year there are many great concerts in Berlin. In 2022 the Rolling Stones visited the city but tickets were priced around 200€. If you do not want to spend this much money on a concert you can always visit a concert of a cover band instead. We listed some of the best cover bands concerts in Berlin in 2023.

Cover bands concerts in Berlin

Just like the “real” bands love to visit cities like Berlin, also cover bands love vibrant cities. Every year hundreds of cover bands visit Berlin. Usually tickets cost around 25-40€. This is only a fraction of the price for a real concert of the Dire Straits, Rolling Stones or Eagles. Another good thing is that cover bands usually play all the greatest hits and not the latest album (with songs you might not know yet).

Here are some of the cover bands which will be performing in Berlin in 2023:

  1. Dire Straits
  2. Rolling Stones
  3. Queen

Rolling Stones Cover Bands

It should not come as a surprise that many bands are covering the greatest rock and roll band in the world. With ticket-prices way above 200€ it can be a real alternative to visit a cover band instead. In 2023 there are several Rolling Stones cover concerts in Berlin you can choose from:

Cover Band Get Stoned Rolling Stones

#1: Get Stoned

Another cover band of the Rolling Stones is called Get Stoned. It’s unique that they accompanied by a horn trio on stage. No other cover band offers this and it gives that extra dimension to the songs making it even more similar to the original.

  • 25.02.23 in Hafenbar Tegel
  • 30.09.23 in Neu Helgoland (26€)
Starfucker Cover Band Rolling Stones

#2: Starfucker

Starfucker is the most booked tribute band of the Rolling Stones in Germany. The focus on the German market and therefore they have already three tribute concerts in Berlin planned in 2023.

  • 18.02.23 in Wabe (25€)
  • 10.03.23 in Freiheit 15 (20€)
  • 29.04.23 in Neu Helgoland (34€)

Dire Straits

Mark Knopfler and the Dire Straits created some of the greatest songs ever made. Millions of people still listen to their songs everyday. The Dire Straits disbanded in 1988, then came back together in 1990 but then unfortunately dissolved again in 1995. If you still want to experience their songs live in concert, you have the following options in Berlin in 2023:

Dire Straits Experience Tribute Concert

#1: The Dire Straits Experience

It’s tricky to categorise the Dire Straits Experience as a cover band of the Dire Straits because the band was formed by Chris White, who is a former member of the Dire Straits. Compared to the other bands in this post, you could say that they are more professional and attract bigger crowds (as can be seen on the photo). In June 2023 they are planning to visit Berlin and if you loved the Dire Straits you should make sure you are part of this concert. Not convinced yet, check out this video.

  • 06.06.23 – Verti Music Hall (52 – 75€)

#2: One Night of Dire Straits

Neuenhagen is located east of Berlin and can be reached by train from station Alexanderplatz in 40 minutes. The show “One Night of Dire Straits” will take you on a journey with lead singer Alex Moll and his band. Get ready to enjoy the greatest songs of Mark Knopfler and the Dire Straits. Tickets start from 44€.

  • 24.02.23 – Bürgerhaus in Neuenhagen bei Berlin (44€)

Queen Tribute Shows

The Dire Straits decided to stop playing together but with Queen it’s a different story: Freddy Mercury died in 1991, leaving the world with some of the best songs ever made. Since 2004 Brian May and Roger Taylor have been touring with new vocalists Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert as Queen +. In 2018 the movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out and boosted the interest in Freddy Mercury once again. The cover bands of Queen most likely also experienced this increase in interest and more tribute concerts are being organised.

Queen Machine Cover Band of Queen

#1: Queen Machine

This Danish cover band of Queen has been performing since 2008 and is seen as one of the most successful cover bands of Queen in Europe. Queen Machine has been performing in most European countries before and this year they will be playing in Berlin again.

  • 27.03.23 – Metropol (40€)
One Vision of Queen Tribute Show

#2: One Vision of Queen

One Vision of Queen is not a cover band in the classic sense but more a show dedicated to Freddy Mercury and Queen. The show is led by lead singer Marc Martel which is seen as the vocal reincarnation of Freddy Mercury. This show should be considered if you are planning to visit a Queen tribute concert in Berlin.

  • 11.10.23 – Verti Music Hall (45 – 100€)

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