It has been a while since a full article was dedicated to a club in Berlin. Since I am writing a monthly article about the best parties in Berlin the individual clubs have not been getting much attention. That is why today we focus on a real Berliner club: The Fiesere Miese in Kreuzberg.

The club Fiesere Miese

The Fiesere Miese is one of these real Berliner clubs where the music is the main focus and you can experience that raw and uncomplicated atmosphere. The club used to be called Fiese Remise, but after a copyright-issue the name was changed into Fiesere Miese. The entrance of this club is directly showing you the unique vibe in this club: You have to get into this club through a caravan. The largest floor of this club is the basement but personally I like the upper floor the most because of the large bar and the connection with the DJ.

Fiese Remise entrance Berlin
The entrance of the club in Berlin

Uncommercial but popular

Many clubs in Berlin are criticised because they are becoming too commercial. Lucky enough this is not something which can be said about the Fiesere Miese. This club does not do promotions, social-media channels or invite very famous DJs. Still the club is very popular and fully booked if a party is organised. The word “if” in the previous sentence is important: This club is not hosting parties every weekend. It’s best to keep track of the Facebook-Page to see if any events are coming up soon.

The upper-floor of the Fiesere Miese in Berlin
The first floor (main level)

Local Talent

As mentioned before, the Fiesere Miese is not inviting Famous international DJs. This club is a great place if you want to get to know local, talented DJs. Many DJs started playing in clubs like this and are now performing on German Festivals like Fusion, Melt or Nation of Gondwana. Because there are two floors in this club, you will always have the freedom to jump to a different music-style during the night.

Fiesere Miese basement
The basement of the Fiesere Miese

How to get there

This Berliner club is located in the Köpenicker Straße. This street is quite long and starts at the station Heinrich-Heine Straße and goes all the way till past Schlesisches Tor. There are more popular techno-clubs to be found in this street: The Tresor, Club der Visionäre and Birgit and Bier are a few examples. The Fiesere Miese is located next to Sage Beach Restaurant and can be most easily reached from station Ostbahnhof or Schlesisches Tor.

Address: Kopenickerstraße 18-20
Music: Techno/House/Electro
Entrance: 8-10 Euro
Public Transport: Ostbahnhof/ Schlesisches Tor
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My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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