Personally I am not a big fan of the traditional circus. Obviously there are impressive acts but most of the time animals are used in these shows and they did not choose the circus-life voluntarily. Lucky enough there are also circuses who are putting up a show without the use of animals and still manage to impress the audience: The Flic Flac circus is one of them.

Circus Flic Flac

The circus Flic Flac was grounded in 1989 and have been responsible for tens of great shows in the past 25 years. As mentioned above, the shows do not focus on the traditional use of animals and clowns but more on the modern type of circus. If you decide to visit one of the shows of Flic Flac you should prepare yourself for some very talented performers. The current show in Berlin is called “Hochstrafe 25 Jahre” and can be visited not far from station Zoologischer Garten.

The entrance of the Flic Flac Circus in Berlin (©
The entrance of the Flic Flac Circus in Berlin (©

Hochstrafe 25 Jahre

In the show Hochstrafe 25 Jahre it is all about life in prison. As a visitor of this show, you will look directly at the courtyard of a notorious prison. But there are no normal prisoners here: When the guards are not paying attention, they are impressing the crowd with spectactular acts. Besides a lot of spectacle you can also expect some humurous parts. Another great thing is the music: The whole show is accompanied by the music of rockband behind bars.

Crossmotors, Acrobats and firework

If you think you have seen everything when it comes to impressive acts, I dare you to visit the Flic Flac show in Berlin. Most of the performances are just a bit more extreme than you would expect and the craziest thing is that none of the performers is secured during their acts. It really made my pulse go up when they were flying through the sky and you just knew that they were not allowed to make one single mistake. Very impressive!

Performance in the Flic Flac Circus Berlin
Performance in the Flic Flac Circus Berlin
Impressive show: Flic Flac Berlin
Impressive show: Flic Flac Berlin

Practical Information

The Flic Flac Show takes about 2 hours, which is a bit longer than most circuses I have been. There is a small break in between in which you can get popcorn or glühwein in the lobby. The show can be visited every night at 20.00 and during the weekend there is also a show at 16.00. The tickets can be bought on the official website and start at a price of 20 Euro.

Personally I would recommend everybody to visit this show. It definitely impressed me and it is the perfect thing to do for all ages.

The "prisoners" of the Flic Flac crew (©
The “prisoners” of the Flic Flac crew (©

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