Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. More and more people get excited to play this sport which is often referred to as a mix between squash and tennis. In this article we’ll tell you all you need to know if you are planning to play padel in Berlin.

What is padel?

Padel is usually played 2 against 2. The counting is done the same way as tennis. The biggest difference comes from the fact that the court is surrounded by glass walls. You should use these walls in your advance and can let the ball bounce off them before you hit it. As soon as the ball bounces on the floor twice or you hit the ball in the net you lose a point.

Where to play padel in Berlin?

As mentioned, padel is the fastest growing sport in the world. It’s interesting that Berlin picks up on this hype rather slowly. Right now, about 15 courts are available for 3,5 million people. It’s interesting that there are only about 15 courts in a city like Berlin with 3,5 million people. In 2012 the first courts and lucky for us more courts are being opened every year. To make you decide which padel courts to visit we have listed the best places to play in Berlin in this post.

Padel Courts in Spain (© M. Moggré)
Some beautiful Padel Courts in Spain (© M. Moggré)

1. Padel FC in Lichtenberg

Most people who like sports have heard of the name Jürgen Klopp. The trainer of FC Liverpool loves padel and often plays it in his spare time. To enable more Berliner to play padel, he opened Padel FC in 2022. It’s located directly at the Spree in Lichtenberg (Rummelsberg) and not far from the club Sisyphos. In our opinion this is the best place to play Padel in Berlin because of the fair prices, straightforward booking-system, modern courts and nice bar to have a drink afterwards.

Padel FC Berlin
Padel FC Berlin

All Indoor: 5 double courts, 2 single courts

One of the issues Berlin used to have is that there was only 1 indoor padel court. You can imagine that it was not easy to book that court on rainy days or in the winter. This is why it’s great that Padel FC offers 7 indoor-courts which can be used all year round. It’s also great that 2 of the courts at Padel FC are single courts on which you can play 1 against 1. None of the other padel-locations in Berlin offered this so far.

There are two price-groups at Padel FC: On weekdays from 10:00 – 16:00 you pay 24€ for a double court and during the weekends and evenings you pay 36€. The single-courts are 33% cheaper than the double courts.

Name: Padel FC Lichtenberg (Rummelsburg)
Address: Köpenicker Chaussee 11-14
Amount of Courts: 7x indoor
Price per court (hour): Double 24/36€, Single 16/24€
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00
Website + Image ©:

2. Padel Berlin Friedrichshain

As mentioned above, padel has been available in Berlin since 2012. The first courts were the ones of a club called Padel Berlin Friedrichshain. These courts are located on walking distance of station Ostkreuz which makes it the most central location in Berlin so far. Padel Berlin Friedrichshain offers tournaments, online booking, training courses and rental material. It’s a small downside that there is no bar to have a drink after you played.

The indoor court of Padel Friedrichshain
The indoor court of Padel Friedrichshain

2 outdoor courts and 1 indoor court

Besides two outdoor courts Padel Berlin Friedrichshain offers one indoor court too. Obviously this is great because you are not dependent on the weather. The outdoor courts cost 32€ per hour and the indoor courts cost 44€. If you play with 4 people this means it costs 8€ per hour to play (outdoor).

Name: Padel Berlin Friedrichshain
Address: Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
Amount of Courts: 2x outdoor, 1x indoor
Price per court (hour): Outdoor 32€, Indoor 44€
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00
Website + Image ©: Link

3. Padel Berlin Reinickendorf

The third place to play padel can be found in Reinickendorf. The club is called Füchse Berlin and offers more than 20 sports from badminton to kickboxing and from basketball to swimming. This club only offers one court but if you are located in the north of Berlin this could be the best place to play padel outdoor. But also if you are located in the center of Berlin you will only need about 30 minutes to get to these courts.

A view of the court in Berlin Reinickendorf
A view of the court in Berlin Reinickendorf

Just like the other two padel courts in Berlin, you can book your slot online conveniently. The Füchse Berlin do not offer training courses and rental material but have a gastronomy to have a drink after your game. The courts cost 24€ per hour which comes down to 6€ per person.

Name: Padel Berlin Reinickendorf
Address: Kopenhagener Str. 33, 13407 Berlin
Amount of Courts: 1x outdoor
Price per court (hour): Outdoor 24€
Opening Hours: 09.00 – 22.00
Website + Image ©: Link

All you need to know – FAQ

Padel is a sport which is not as known as tennis, football or basketball. Therefore you still might have some open questions. We’ve tried to list the most common ones.

How much does padel cost?

You can rent a padel court in Berlin for 24€ which means each player needs to pay 6€.

How is padel different from tennis?

The biggest difference between tennis and padel is that you are allowed to let the ball bounce off the walls. A padel court is way smaller than a tennis court. This makes the sport a bit more accessible because you do not have to run that much. It’s also good for beginners that you do not have to do the tough overhead serve of tennis.

Do I have to be a member to play padel in Berlin?

No you do not need to be a member. You can just book a court at one of the websites in this article and then you can start playing. If you want you can become a member though.

How do you pronounce padel?

Lots of people say “paddle” when they refer to the sport padel. The word padel comes from Spain and is pronounced pá-del.


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