In less than a month, on the 14th of June 2018, the Worldcup 2018 will start. From that day on we can all enjoy the best football-countries in the world compete with each other. Besides watching the matches at home, it can be a lot of fun to watch games in public. In this article we will focus on the best spots for public viewing in Berlin

Pubic Viewing in Berlin

As the words describe very well, public viewing means nothing more than watching something in public. Especially football-matches of the national team suit this purpose very well because many people like to support their homecountry. In Berlin, you can enjoy public viewing in many different ways and sizes. Some of the options we have listed below welcome over a million people and others are more intimate and cosy with just a few hundred seats. In the end it is mainly important that you can share your happiness with other enthusiastic football-lovers.

Even if you are not German

Obviously the possibilities for public viewing in Berlin are best for people who want to see the German national team play. But lucky enough there are also plenty of smaller places in Berlin who broadcast every game of the Worldcup. Besides that you might be lucky if your homecountry plays on the same day as Germany.

Below you can find a mix of public places, bars, hostels and other locations which will organise public viewing in Berlin in some sort of way. Let us know if you have any suggestions and we hope you like our selection.

1. Fanmeile at Brandenburger Tor

For many people the ultimate public viewing experience in Berlin is the Fanmeile at the Brandenburger Tor. This location is used every year during New Years Eve but also when the German team is playing during the Worldcup 2018. The famous street Straße des 17. Juni will be packed with thousands of football-lovers. This public viewing event was first organised in 2006 and has been a great success ever since. More than a million people are present when the important matches are broadcasted.

Fanmeile Berlin
The Fanmeile in Berlin (copyright

All matches from the last 16 teams

In the beginning of the world cup, only the German games will be broadcasted at the Fanmeile in Berlin. But as soon as only 16 teams are left in the tournament, all matches will be available so people from all over the world can experience their national team play on massive screens. The biggest screen is 80 square meter and besides that there are 6 other screens. Another great thing is, that before and after the bigger matches, the visitors can enjoy music and entertainment on the stages. Besides that stands with food and drinks will make sure you do not have to be thirsty during the matches.

The first day the Fanmeile will open is the 17th of June, this is the day that the German national team will play against Mexico. Even if you are not German it will be fun to visit one of the matches. The atmosphere is just great and it is simply one of the greatest public viewing spots in Germany.

Name: Fanmeile at Brandenburger Tor
Address: Straße des 17. Juni
Entrane: Free
Capacity: More than a million people
Which games will be broadcasted? All German games + From the last 16 till the final

2. Kulturbrauerei

A location which is definitely going to broadcast all the Worldcup 2018 matches is the Kulturbrauerei. The Kulturbrauerei can be best described as a large courtyard in the middle of Berlin. Many clubs, restaurants and companies are located directly at the courtyard and during the winter you can enjoy a nice Christmas Market here.

During the Worlcup, thousands of people visit the Kulturbrauerei to watch football-matches. The games will be broadcasted on a 24 square meter screen, which is more than enough for this much people. The entrance is 3 Euro when Germany is playing and for free when other teams are competing.

Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Public Viewing in Berlin? Consider the Kulturbrauerei

In the courtyard there will be plenty of options if you want to eat or drink something. In total, about 4000 people can watch football here but if Germany is not playing, you will have more than enough space. Your bags will be checked when you enter the property because bringing your own alcohol is not allowed.

Name: Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Address: Schönhauser Allee 36
Entrance: 3€ if Germany is playing, otherwise for free
Capacity: Up to 4000 people
Which matches: Every day, every match

3. Biergarten James June

If you visit Germany, you probably want to have a few beers in a Biergarten as well. The James June is a large garden with wooden tables and benches which will broadcast matches on 4 different screens. Two of them are located in the garden and two others can be found inside, so even if the weather is not that great you can watch the Worldcup 2018 in Berlin at this location.

James June Sommergarten
James June Sommergarten

James June is located at Karl-Marx-Allee 93 and can be reached by foot from the station Weberwiese. If you are with a larger group (or very thirsty) you can also order a 12,5 Liter beer-tap which will be placed on your table. In James June you can also eat burgers and pizza for a reasonable price.

All in all James June is great and central location for public viewing in Berlin during the Worldcup 2018.

Name: Sommergarten James June
Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 93
Entrance: Free
Which matches: All matches

4. Mercedes Welt Berlin

Another great place to watch the Worldcup 2018 in public in Berlin is the Mercedes Welt. This location can be found in the west of the city, which can be useful for people who live or stay there and don’t want to travel too far. In total about 3000 people can enjoy matches of their national team in this location. The public viewing takes place on several large screens: The German matches will be broadcasted on two floors and on 48 square meter screens and the other matches will be shown a bit smaller.

Public Viewing Berlin Mercedes
Watch the Worldcup 2018 in Berlin? Try the Mercedes Welt (

The Mercedes Welt can be found in Tiergarten on the address Salzufer 1. It is easiest if you get out at station Berlin-Tiergarten and from there the Mercedes Welt is on walking distance. This location is not that far from the Fanmeile so if it is too busy at the Fanmeile you can always decide to watch the second half of a match here.

Name: Mercedes Welt Berlin
Address: Salzufer 1
Entrance: Free
Capacity: 3000 people
Which matches: All matches

5. Public Viewing in Haubentaucher

Another cool location for public Viewing in Berlin-Friedrichshain is Haubentaucher. This open-air location can be found directly on the RAW-Gelände, which is a pretty famous part of Berlin. The Haubentaucher is a laidback location with a pool, nice chairs and lots of attractive drinks.

The open-air location Haubentaucher (©
The open-air location Haubentaucher (©

Haubentaucher is mainly a nice location when the sun is shining and it’s not cold outside. Because the Worldcup is organised in Juni and July, this should normally not be a problem. The great thing about this public viewing location is the fact that it can be easily combined with any bar, restaurant or ho(s)tel in the area around the Warschauer Brücke. If you do not like it, just move on to a bar in the Simon-Dach Straße (see bonus-paragraph below).

Name: Haubentaucher
Address: Revaler Straße 99
Entrance: Free
Which matches: All matches

6. Strandbar in Mitte: Gestrandet

In Berlin-Mitte you have the possibility to enjoy public viewing directly next to the Spree. In the strandbar called Gestrandet you can chill in some beach-chairs and watch the games of the Worldcup 2018 with a bunch of other people. The beach-bar can be found directly across from station Jannowitzbrücke, not far from shopping center Alexa.

Public viewing in a beachbar (©
Public viewing in a beachbar (©

Compared to other locations, like the Kulturbrauerei and the Fanmeile, this strandbar is a lot smaller. This could also be something good if you just want to watch with a couple of friends. The location is great and they actually offer several nice thing something to eat as well. If you are lucky you will even see a beautiful sunset over the Spree for free.

Name: Strandbar Gestrandet
Address: Jannowitzbrücke
Entrance: Free
Capacity: 300-400 People
Which matches: All matches

7. Watch the Worldcup in a bar

Besides public viewing in Berlin, you can also decide to watch the Worldcup in a bar with a smaller amount of people. Many bars and restaurants will have large television-screens or beamers present and although there will not be as much people as the public viewing locations mentioned above, the atmosphere can still be very good. Here are some suggestions for people who want to watch the Worldcup in a bar in Berlin:

Simon-Dach Straße
The area around Warschauer Brucke is one of the most vibrant areas in Berlin which is also represented in our monthly Party-Calendar quite often. Many nice restaurants with very reasonable prices, many pubs and bars and a great ambiance. The Simon-Dach Straße is a real tip if you want to watch football in a bar or restaurant in Berlin. Almost every bar has a large screen and after the match you can still visit one of the many clubs in this part of Berlin.

Simon Dach Straße Berlin
The Simon-Dach-Straße is a great location to watch football in Berlin (

St. Christophers Hostel/Belushi’s Bar
This place is mainly known as a pub but is also one of the more popular hostels in Berlin. There are about 6 different screens in the Belushi’s Bar and the only thing they broadcast is sport. So you will definitely be able to watch all the Worldcup 2018 over here. The atmosphere is great if you like backpackers and tourists and they have great discounts and happy-hours at this place.

One of my personal favourite places to watch football is Geronimo. This bar is located on walking distance from station Ostkreuz (Sonntagstraße 9) and offers the real Berliner atmosphere. You will sit on old but comfortable sofas (inside) and the beers are cheap and tasty. Normally the place is packed during large games so it might be smart to make a reservation at Geronimo if you want to watch a Eurocup match over here.

Geronimo in Berlin (©
Geronimo in Berlin (©

The Worldcup 2018 in Berlin summarised

Obviously the options above are just a small part of all the possibilities for public viewing in Berlin. There are several other places and we are planning to enlarge the list as soon as we have experienced new places ourselves. Still I think the suggestions are a solid mix of larger and smaller locations to watch the Worldcup 2018. If you like it smaller with some friends you can go to one of the bars (or watch at home) and if you want to have a great experience with thousands of people you can go to the Fanmeile or Kulturbrauerei.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi there,
    Do you know if any places will be screening the friendly games that are on today? (4th June)


    • Hi Rachel,

      sorry for my late reply but most of the bars I mentioned will probably broadcast the friendlies as well.

      Best wishes!

  2. Hi,
    Do you know if Kulturbrauerei will be having the large screen again for Euro 2016?

    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply

      Hi Frank,

      I am pretty certain they will offer it again this summer. But I will update this article soon, so keep an eye on my blog.

      Have fun!

  3. Last time i went to Hauptbahnhof, they were not showing any matches, but the restaurant called PIZZA just outside the main station was showing the match.

  4. Will it be possible to watch the final in the Fanmeile even if Germany does not reach the final?

    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply

      Hi Abbe,

      Thanks for your comment. Normally it should be possible to watch the Final, even if Germany will not be playing.

      Have fun!

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