Golf is often seen as a sport for the upperclass. Although this is not completely false, the sport has opened up for basically everybody in the last decades. Nowadays it’s easier to play golf without a membership. One of the places where this is possible is the Berlin Pankow Golf Resort.

Golf in Berlin Pankow
Berlin Pankow Golf Resort

Berlin Pankow Golf Resort

If you are planning to play some golf in Berlin we can recommend visiting the Golf Resort in Berlin Pankow. From Alexanderplatz it takes you about 30 minutes to get here. This golf resort also welcomes visitors without a membership. You are not allowed to do 18 holes (obviously) but you can use the driving range and play a bit of pitch and putt.

Renting material

When you are a visitor in Berlin and you want to play some golf, you probably do not have your own material. This is not a problem at the Golf Resort in Pankow. You can rent material for a fair price. The cheapest is renting a putter and a simple club for hitting about 40-50 meter. Renting a golf club in Berlin Pankow only costs 1€ per club.

Getting started: The Driving Range

The first thing you should probably do is hit a few balls on the driving range. This is a place where you can hit as far as you want and you cannot hurt anybody. You can practise your stance and technique and it is very affordable: You only pay for the balls and these cost 1€ for 20 balls. The driving range opens at 08.00 and closes at 22.00 (with lights).

Playing some golf in Berlin on the driving range in Pankow costs 3€ including the rental equipment.

Driving Range Berlin Golf Pankow
Hitting as hard as you can at the driving range

3 small golf courses for pitch and putt

After half an hour of hitting balls on the driving range, you probably want to test your skills. The Berlin Pankow Golf Resort offers 3 small golf courses for beginners. You do not need a handicap or a membership. You only need to pay 11€ and then you can play on these 3 Pitch and Putt places the whole day. It is a great activity and if you played a ball-sport like tennis or padel before you usually get the hang of it soon enough.

Pitch and Put Golf Berlin
Playing pitch and putt at Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

Other courses in Pankow

Besides the small courses mentioned above, there are several other courses. You can play the big 18 holes if you have at least handicap 54. Besides that there are several 9 holes courses and a 6-holes course. If you are unsure which course you should play, just ask the friendly people at the reception.

More in the mood for some other activities? Give beachvolleyball or an escape game try.

Summary – Playing Golf in Berlin

Hopefully it became clear that golf in Berlin does not have to be expensive and that you also do not need a membership. To summarise things a bit we listed the prices one more time:

Name: Berlin Pankow Golf Resort
Address: Blankenburger Pflasterweg 40, 13129 Berlin

Pitch & Putt = 11 euro per day
Driving Range = For free
Renting the club = 1 euro for each club
Balls = 1 euro for 20 balls


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