If you are up for a nice party in Berlin, you can obviously visit a party in one of the many clubs. But sometimes you a private party with your own crew is more fun than a public party. Or maybe you have something to celebrate (e.g. birthday) and don’t want to celebrate at home. If you want to organise your own party and are still looking for a party-room for rent in Berlin, this blogpost will help you out.

Organise your own (birthday) party

It does not really matter if it’s a birthday-party or if you have something else to celebrate: Renting a party-room and going mad with your friends is always a great idea. You can make sure the music suits you and your friends and you can choose a theme and ask everyone to dress up (if you like). We have been organising a party for our friends for more than 5 years in a row now and it has always been a success.

Party in Berlin at New Years Eve in the Humboldthain Club
The Humboldthain Club in Berlin

Tips for organising your own party in Berlin

If you are planning to organise your own party in Berlin, the following tips might be helpful:

  • Make sure the party-room you rent is not too big, it needs to feel crowded enough to be successful.
  • Ask the venue if they can create a signature cocktail for you and your friends, choose one everyone likes
  • Allow people to hand in songs which will be played during the night.
  • If your people are up for it, choose a theme. It will make the night more special.
  • Instead of asking people to pay entrance, just ask them to drink enough so the minimum turnover is reached. You might even get a discount on the rental costs if you make enough turnover
  • If the party is over, recommend your guest with some awesome (after) parties in Berlin

4 low budget party-rooms for rent in Berlin

As mentioned we have been organising our own parties for a couple of years now and tried several venues. Besides that we have visited a bunch of birthday-parties in Berlin in rented clubs. If you are looking for a party-room to rent, the following options should be considered. They are all affordable, have a central location and have super friendly staff.

1. James & June – Friedrichshain

In the summer James & June is one of the most popular biergartens in Berlin. The place is packed almost every day and people also come here for public viewing of football. Besides all that James and June has two party-rooms for rent: One is in the basement and the other one next to the restaurant upstairs. Both areas can hold about 50-150 people and are very suitable for organising a birthday party in Berlin.

The basement you can rent at James & June
The basement you can rent at James & June

Two party rooms near Alexanderplatz – Flexible price packages

James and June has a central location not far from Alexanderplatz and Volkspark Friedrichshain. During the winter the location is turned into Austrian restaurant and the food is great. If you want to organise your party here, you can choose between several different price-packages for a 6-hours time slot.

  • Everyone pays a fixed costs for heating, cleaning, security, music system, amplifier, boxes, lighting technology. At this moment this fee is 600€.
  • If your guests want to have an all-inclusive package, the price starts at 33€. The more you pay the more drinks are included. For 33€ you have beer, wine, champagne and softdrinks.
  • You can also pay a higher fee and run the bar yourself and serve whatever drinks you like to bring along. Right now this fee is 1200€.

Name: James & June
Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 93
Amount of people: 50-150
Minimum turnover: From 900€
Website: Link

2. 100 Gramm Bar – Prenzlauer Berg

If you want to rent a place to party in Berlin the 100 Gramm Bar might be worth your consideration. Upstairs this bar in Prenzlauer Berg will be open for the public and downstairs you can organise your own party in Berlin. The 100 Gramm Bar offers several rental-packages depending on the amount of people and the preferences you and your friends have.

An impression of a party in the 100 Gramm Bar

Central location and affordable prices

The 100 Gramm Bar can be reached by foot from station Rosenthaler Platz. In the basement everything will be arranged except for the DJ equipment: You need to bring your own laptop or equipment. If you are on a low budget renting this party-room is perfect for you because you only need to reach 1000€ minimum turnover and there will be no additional costs.

Name: 100 Gramm Bar
Address: Weinbergsweg 25, 10119 Berlin
Amount of people: Flexible options. From 50 to 200
Rental Price: 0€
Minimum turnover: 1000€
Website: Link

3. Kara Kas Bar – Berlin Mitte/Charlottenburg

The Kara Kas Bar is a cosy Bar not far from station Gleisdreieck. Upstairs there is a cosy public bar and downstairs in the basement there is a party room for rent. There is space for about 120 people so it makes sense if you are at least 50 people. This party room has a small stage, including a beamer and the sound-installation is ready to be used.

Party Room for rent in the Kara Kas Bar in Berlin

Affordable party room with low minimum turnover

The Kara Kas Bar is located at the very beginning of the Kurfürstenstraße, which is one of the best areas to go shopping in Berlin. Officially this is Berlin Mitte but it’s not far from Charlottenburg either. You can reach this bar from both stations Kurfürstenstraße and Gleisdreieck on foot. Compared to the other party-rooms we have seen in Berlin, the Kara Kas Bar is affordable: You only pay 250-450€ rent and you need to realise a turnover of 1000€ which is not hard to reach with 50 people.

Name: Kara Kas Bar
Address: Kurfürstenstraße 9, 10785 Berlin
Amount of people: 50-120
Rental price: 250-450€
Minimum Turnover: 1000€
Website: Link

4. Restaurant März – Prenzlauer Berg

Since 2012 we have organised our own parties in Berlin more than 10 times. The last couple of years we always partied in Restaurant März (previously known as Gina M.). The owner is a very friendly guy and we always had a great time. The März offers a public restaurant and bar upstairs and a very cosy party basement downstairs.

Low budget party room in Berlin

Organising your party in März is convenient and affordable. The staff is very helpful and you basically only have to show up with a laptop or your DJ-Equipment. If you drink enough (minimum turnover 1500€), you only have to pay 120€ for equipment and cleaning. This means that if you are on a low budget, this is the best place to organise your own party in Berlin.

Name: Restaurant März
Address: Greifenhagener Straße 17
Amount of people: 50-100
Rental price: 120€
Minimum Turnover: 1500€
Website: Link


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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