Besides a large amount of great clubs and festivals, Berlin also offers many cool pubs and bars. The prices are lower than in the west of Europe and the bars are more unique and creative. Normally it should not be a problem to find an attractive bar in the center of Berlin but Mein Haus am See is still one of the bars I would recommend in particular.

Mein Haus am See

The Berliner bar Mein Haus am See is located directly at U-Bahn station Rosenthaler Platz. Even if it is not for Mein Haus am See, this area of Berlin is worth a visit: There are many restaurants and bars, a nice atmosphere and the prices are very reasonable. Mein Haus am See can be found in the Brunnenstraße and used to be a bookshop for quite a long time. The bar opened its doors about 5 years ago and has been a popular place for both tourists and habitants in Berlin since that year.

Mein Haus am See Berlin
Mein Haus am See Berlin


The name Mein Haus am See already indicates that the bar is cosy and “gemutlich”. When you sit down and look around you, it really feels like home. The retro furniture, the books, photos and paintings really give Mein Haus am See that unique Berlin-vibe. In my opinion the best seats are all the way at the back of the bar: On the large stairs in the back of Mein Haus am See you will find pillows and you can oversee the whole bar.

A club or a bar?

The website of Mein Haus am See has the same retro-style as the bar itself. You can find the programm, funny pictures and some information about the bar itself. The title of the website says:


The title actually describes the bar Mein Haus am See perfectly: During the day you will find a peaceful atmosphere where people can take it easy, listen to some music, talk to their friends and drink an espresso while using the free WiFi. However, when you visit Mein Haus am See at night you will find a total different image: A live-dj is playing clubtracks, the espresso have been replaced by cocktails and in between all the benches and seats people will be dancing. The bar has turned into a Berliner club.

Open 24/7

It does not matter if you call it a bar or a club, Mein Haus am See is definitely worth a visit. When you travel to U-bahn station Rostenthaler Strasse you almost reached the frontdoor of Mein Haus am See at the Brunnenstraße 197. The bar is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you do nothave to worry about the opening-times.  If you wanna stay up to date about the program i would advise to check out the facebook-site.

Even the toilet looks great at Mein Haus am See
Even the toilet looks great at Mein Haus am See

Name: Mein Haus am See
Address: Brunnenstrasse 197/198
Prices: Becks (0,33l) 2,80€ / Lech (0,5l) 3,10 € / Pizza = 5,50
Public Transport: U-Bahn Rosenthaler Strasse
Opening Times: 24/7


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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