It is estimated that there are more than 4.500 bars and clubs in Berlin. Because of this it can be challenging to choose where to go. If you are looking for a real Berliner bar which turns into a club later at night, you should consider visiting Mein Haus am See.

Mein Haus am See

Mein Haus am See is located directly at the U-Bahn station Rosenthaler Platz. This part of Berlin is vibrant and full of great places for food and drinks. This location used to be a bookshop and you can still see a bunch of books in here. It’s mainly the vintage look and the spacious area which makes it one of our favourite bars in Berlin.

Mein Haus am See Berlin
Mein Haus am See Berlin

Nice drinks and solid DJs

Mein Haus am See is the perfect place to start with a drink and see where the night ends. It has the comfortable chairs and couches to get started and it turns into a club around midnight. The retro furniture, the books, photos and paintings really give Mein Haus am See that unique Berlin-vibe we all love so much. The best seats are all the way at the back of the bar: On the large stairs in the back you will find pillows and you can oversee the whole bar. The photo above was shot from there.


Even the toilet looks great at Mein Haus am See
Even the toilet looks great at Mein Haus am See

Still want to go to a techno club afterwards? We can recommend the Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke and Watergate.

Practical Information: Mein Haus am See

You are welcome in Mein Haus am See everyday from 10AM to the next morning 6AM. These times prove once again that this place is both a bar and a club (kinda like a dancebar). Below you can find the main information:

Address: Brunnenstrasse 197/198
Public Transport: U-Bahn Rosenthaler Strasse
Opening Times: 10AM – 6AM
Website: Link


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