When it comes to restaurants, Berlin offers a wide range of possibilities. You can decide to visit an expensive restaurant at a touristic location, eat a homemade burger for under 10€ in Friedrichshain or anything in between. Today we highlight an asian restaurant on walking distance from Alexanderplatz: Com Viet.

5 Minutes from Alexanderplatz

The small and cosy Vietnamese restaurant Com Viet is located in the Münzstraße, between the stations Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt. From Alexanderplatz you will need 5 minutes on foot. You might expect a place with a location like this to be expense but Com Viet is very affordable and offers delicious food.

The cosy interior of the Asian restaurant Com Viet
The cosy interior of the Asian restaurant Com Viet

Asian Restaurant: Com Viet

Com Viet opens it’s doors around lunch-time. People who work around Alexanderplatz love to go here for a nice lunch and at night this Asian restaurant is also full. It’s just one of those places with a great location, an affordable price and great quality food. It’s not a very large restaurant but people usually don’t mind to sit with strangers on one table. It’s a very friendly vibe.

No Nonsense restaurant

If you have been to a Vietnamese restaurant before you probably know what I mean with the title No Nonsense Restaurant. Com Viet does not have a website, no shiny interior or perfectly educated waitress but it just has great food. Do not go to Com Viet if you want to have dinner for 3 hours, go to Com Viet if you are looking for some great Vietnamese food in Berlin.

Want something a little bit more classy? Another great asian restaurant in Berlin is called the Chén Chè Teahouse. It’s located in the Rosenthaler Straße which is just a few stations from Alexanderplatz.

Some of the delicious dishes at Com Viet
Some of the delicious dishes at Com Viet

Plenty of choice – Also vegetarian

The menu of Com Viet has many different types of food on it. You can buy anything from a healthy Pho Soup to a creamy curry. Everything can be ordered with meat but also with tofu for vegetarian people. Most dishes at this Vietnamese Restaurant can be bought for 6-9€, which is so cheap if you ask us. If you want to check out the menu you can have a look on the website.

Restaurant not far from Alexanderplatz: Com VIet
Restaurant not far from Alexanderplatz: Com VIet

Com Viet Summarised

All in all we can summarise that Com Viet will not disappoint a lot of people. Getting delicious food for under 10€ on a location close to Alexanderplatz is simply great. After an afternoon of shopping in Berlin this is so much better than visiting the foodcourt of a shopping mall.

Name: Com Viet
Address: Münzstraße 3
Main: 6-9€
Drinks: 3-4€


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