Berlin is a busy city. With 3,5 Million habitants and many visiting tourists, it can get crowded once in a while. Therefore it can be nice to slow down once in a while and enjoy a day of wellness. In this article we list five relaxing day spas in Berlin.

Wellness-centers in Berlin

There are quite a few wellness spas in Berlin. All of them differ in price, location, size and atmosphere. Therefore it can sometimes be hard to see through and find the most suitable spa for your relaxing afternoon or night. But don’t worry: The last couple of months we have dedicated ourselves to the very hard task of trying out some of the most relaxing spas in Berlin ourselves. Below you can compare 5 great wellness-locations in Berlin. You can either scroll down to the selection or just click on one of the following links:

Wellness in Berlin
Wellness in Berlin

Do I have to be naked in a spa?
No, not in all wellness-centers it is obligatory to be naked. It depends from resort to resort. To give you some guidance we wrote the answer to this question under every days-spa in this list.

Below you can find our five favourite day-spas in Berlin. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

1. Vabali Spa – Berlin Mitte

As mentioned we have been visiting several day spas in Berlin and our clear favourite was the spa called Vabali. This spa is located in Berlin-Mitte, which is the first large benefit for anybody visiting Berlin for just a couple of days. You will not lose much time reaching the spa because it is only 500 meters away from station Hauptbahnhof. You could even go there and relax if you have to checkout of your hostel or hotel and your train from Hauptbahnhof leaves later in the afternoon.

Vabali Wellness Berlin - A view from above
Vabali Wellness Berlin – A view from above

Relax in 11 different Saunas and Steam Baths

Vabali is such a great spa to visit because it offers a very wide range of saunas and steam baths. They offer herbal saunas, russian saunas, saunas with different temperatures and also saunas just for women. Compared to some other spas in Berlin, Vabali offers a lot more space inside and outside of the saunas and steam baths. It has has a huge garden, a large terrace and two floors with many relaxation rooms.

Relax in Vabali Berlin
Relax in Vabali Berlin

Open till midnight

Another great thing for working people is the fact that Vabali is open till midnight. This means that you can even visit this day spa after work and still have enough time to totally calm down. If you cannot stay for a long time it does not matter either because you can also buy 2-hour tickets. They are priced 21,50€ during the week and 23,50€ in the weekend. A full day-ticket can be bought for 36,50€/39,50€. This does make Vabali one of the more expensive day spas in Berlin.

Name: Vabali
Address: Seydlitzstraße 6
Price of 2-Hour ticket: 21,50€ – 23,50€
Price of full day-ticket: 36,50€ – 39,50€
Dresscode: Naked (with towel, bathing-robe)
Restaurant: Yes, restaurant-style menu
Fitness: No
Pool: Yes, inside and outside
Sauna: Many (11)
Massage: Yes (costs extra)
Website: Vabali

2. Liquidrom – Berlin Mitte

Another place for wellness in the middle of Berlin is called Liquidrom. Because the spa is located on walking distance of Potsdamer Platz, it is easy to visit it after a day of sightseeing. The Liquidrom is a reasonably priced spa-resort with 4 different saunas, several pools, steam-baths and plenty of relaxing areas. Besides all that they also offer an outside area and a bar where you can order a wide range of food and drinks.

Liquidrom Berlin Spa
Liquidrom Berlin Spa

Musical Saltwater-Pool

The highlight of this spa-resort in Berlin is the musical pool, which is a pool in which visitors can enjoy plays with lights and music. Because this is a saltwater-pool, you can just float around and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. In this pool you are requested to wear swimwear at all times, but in all other pools you can decide yourself if you want to wear something it not.

Compared to Vabali, which is also a spa with a central location, the entrance-tickets in the Liquidrom are a bit cheaper: A full day pass for this wellness-resort can already be bought for 29,50€. It is easiest to reach the Liquidrom from a station called Anhalter Bahnhof, or just take a 10 minutes walk from Potsdamer Platz.

Name: Liquidrom Berlin
Address: Möckernstraße 10
Price of 2-Hour ticket: 19,50€
Price of full day-ticket: 29,50€
Dresscode: Combination of naked and swimwear
Restaurant: Bar/restaurant
Fitness: No
Pool: Yes
Sauna: Many (4)
Massage: Yes (costs extra)

3. Meridian Spa – Spandau Arcaden

Although the Meridian Spa is a bit further away from the center than some other day-spas in Berlin, it is definitely worth a visit. This spa offers a large pool which is partly indoor and partly outside. There are many very comfortable deck chairs: Both inside and also outside on the roof of the Spandau Arcaden. As this is a shopping-mall it’s easy to combine this wellness-center with some shopping. Besides that there is a nice restaurant which offers a versatile menu with soups, salats and main dishes.

Swimming inside and outside - Meridian Spa Berlin
Swimming inside and outside – Meridian Spa Berlin

More than 10 Sauna’s
Besides the pool, the Meridian Spa also offers more than 10 sauna’s, steaming baths, solariums and if you want to spend some extra money you can also enjoy a nice massage. Another great benefit of this spa in Berlin is, that you can enjoy all the fitness equipment for free. This means that you can first get sweaty and enjoy some wellness afterwards.

Wellness Berlin - Meridian Spa
Wellness Berlin – Meridian Spa

The prices in the Meridian Spa depend on who late you want to check-out. You get the best deal if you go there early and leave before 14.00 during the week (20€). On the other hand staying a whole day in the weekend costs 36€. Meridian Spa offers everything you want for a nice wellness day in Berlin. It can be a benefit for some of you that you can also wear bathing clothes and they offer a large choice of different sauna’s. If you want to visit the Spandau Outlet once, it can also be combined with the Meridian Spa easily.

Name: Meridian Spa
Address: Inside Spandau Arcade
Price: 20-36€
Dresscode: Both naked and with bathing clothes
Restaurant: Yes, large menu
Fitness: Free
Massage: Yes (costs extra)
Pool: Yes inside and outside
Sauna: Many (10)
Massage: Yes (costs extra)

4. Heaven Spa – Berlin Mitte

The day-spa in Berlin with the most central location is probably the Heaven Spa of the Radisson Blu Hotel. It is located directly next to the Berliner Dom, which is located not far from Alexanderplatz and shopping-center Alexa. This spa was crowned World’s Luxury Spa Award several years in a row so this should tell you something about the quality of the spa.

The Pool of Heaven Spa in Berlin
The Pool of Heaven Spa in Berlin

Pool with water-temperature of 28 degrees

One of the places inside the Heaven Spa, which is really lovely to relax, is the pool with a water temperature of 28 degrees. This is perfect for both swimming activities or just relaxing and floating around with a partner or friend. Besides the pool this spa also offers a Finish sauna, a lovely steam-bath and several different types of massages.

The Fitness-area
The Fitness-area

Day tickets for the Heaven Spa can be bought online for 25 Euro. As one of the only days-spas in Berlin this place also has nothing against larger groups. You can order group-packages on their website and get an even better price per person. Because the Heaven Spa is part of the Radisson Blu Hotel, you can also decide to sleep over if you do not want to leave Berlin just yet.

Name: Heaven Spa
Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 3
Price of 2-Hour ticket: Not offered
Price of full day-ticket: 25€
Dresscode: Naked in the Whirlpool and Sauna
Fitness: Yes
Pool: Yes
Sauna: Yes
Massage: Yes (costs extra)

5. Vienna House Andel’s Berlin – Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg might be a district in Berlin which you haven’t heard of, but it is actually directly next to Friedrichshain. Therefore, the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin is located nice and central and can be reached by foot from station Landsberger Allee. The hotel itself and the lobby is worth a visit (and stay) but if you are looking to relax in the hectic city of Berlin, you might want to checkout their own spa-area called SpaSphere. Although it is mostly used by guests of the hotel, you can also buy day-tickets if you are not staying in the hotel.

Massage in Andel's Hotel
Massage in Andel’s Hotel

One of the more quiet wellness-resorts (usually)

The spa of the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin offers a whirlpool, three sauna’s (bio, classic and finnish), a relaxing area inside and outside. Beside that I can speak from own experience that the massages are incredible and reasonable priced. Compared to some of the other spa’s in Berlin in this list, the spa of the Vienna House is bit smaller (550 m2) but the upside of this is that it is mostly not crowded at all. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and were almost alone. This is a big plus compared to places like Vabali, Meridian Spa and the Liquidrom.

Andels Hotel Skybar
Andels Hotel Skybar

Enjoy a drink in the Skybar
After relaxing in the spa for a few hours, you should definitely have a drink in the famous SkyBar on the 14th floor of the Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. The view over Berlin is incredible and you can shoot some great pictures of the Fernsehturm. The drinks and snacks are reasonable priced and the staff was very friendly.

Name: Vienna House Andel’s Berlin
Address: Landsberger Allee 106
Price of 3-Hour ticket: 20€
Price of full day-ticket: 30€
Dresscode: Naked in the Whirlpool and Sauna
Age: 16+
Fitness: Yes
Pool: No
Sauna: Yes
Massage: Yes (costs extra)
Website: Vienna House

Spa’s in Berlin summarised

All in all there is plenty of choice if you want to enjoy a nice afternoon of relaxation in Berlin. In the end it all comes down to what is important for you: Some of the places have a swimming pool and others are more quiet. If you really want a massage, you can have a look at the prices on the websites. If you will spend a lot of time in different sauna’s, I recommend visiting our first choice. In general it makes sense to visit these spa’s in Berlin during the week because the weekends are way more crowded. Have fun and let us know if you have any suggestions regarding wellness-resorts in Berlin.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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