During the cold wintermonths, there are less opportunities to do sport in Berlin. A nice afternoon of golf or a game of beachvolleybal in Beachmitte are not such a good idea when it is freezing outside. Fortunately, there are many cool places where you can perform some indoor sport in Berlin.

Futsal in Weißensee

One of the good substitutions for the activities in the summer is futsal. Especially for guys who miss soccer during the winter-break, indoor soccer is the perfect solution. Playing indoor-soccer is very good for your stamina and when you have a group of friends you can organise some tournaments and have many hours of fun. There are different locations to play indoor soccer in Berlin, but I would advice to visit Bobo Fuego in Weißensee.

Bobo Fuego Futsal court

Soccerarena Bobo Fuego

In the northeast of Berlin, in Weißensee, you can find a soccerarena which is named Bobo Fuego. This arena is easy to reach, has great courts and reasonable prices. You have the possibility to rent one of the courts but you can also join one of the tournaments which are regularly organized. In the last case you will compete against “strangers” and sometimes even have the possibility to win prices.

Different courts

All together, Bobo Fuego has five different courts. There are two large ones (30×15 meter) which are perfect for playing 5 against 5. But if you are with a smaller group you can also decide to play futsal at one of the speedcourts. These speedcourts are only 12×8 meter so it is even fun to play two against two. Bring a lot of energy though, futsal is more exhausting as normal soccer.

Futsal 5×5 indoor in Berlin (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

The surface in all the courts is a special kind of artificial turf (Green Professional Champion-Productline) which has many benefits compared to other surfaces. All the courts are also surrounded by a net so the ball is not able to leave the court: Which means no unnecessary waste of time!

Bundesliga and a beer

Besides a nice game of Futsal, you can also watch live-soccer in the sportsbar of Bobo Fuego. After an intensive round of indoor soccer, you can have a beer and some food while watching the best games of the Bundesliga: What more does a man need? Furthermore. if you did not sweat enough during the game, it is also possible to use the sauna of Bobo Fuego.

Practical details

The price of using a court differs per day and court-size. Below you can find the list of prices from Bobo Fuego. Out of own experience I know that the owner of Bobo Fuego is willing to give you a discount if you will play at regular basis.

The prices of Indoor Futsal at Bobo Fuego

The soccerarena of Bobo Fuego is not in the center of Berlin but also not really hard to reach. If you take the tram (M4) from Alexanderplatz you have to get out at station Hansastraße/Buschallee and walk for a few minutes to reach the location for a nice game of soccer in Berlin.

Address: Falkenberger Straße 143 E
Public Transport: Tram M4 from Alexanderplatz
Price: From 25 euro (45 min.)
Website: www.bobo-fuego.de


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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