12 great German dance-festivals in 2016

12 great German dance-festivals in 2016

During the upcoming summer there will be plenty of great festivals all over Europe. Famous names like Tomorrowland, Fusion, Roskilde, Melt, Sziget and Isle of Wight are festivals which you should visit at least once in your life. But there is way more to choose from as the ones above: Especially in Germany there will be a many great festivals in 2016. If you like electronic music and famous DJs you will have a great time on one of the German Festivals in 2016.

Dance-festivals in Germany

Many German DJs are known all over the world. Names like AndHim, Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, Paul van Dyk, PanPot and Anja Schneider are born in Germany and travel all around the world to perform on dance-festivals and parties. Lucky for us these DJs did not forgot where they came from and perform at German festivals on a regular basis as well. Partly because of this most German festivals have a very solid line-up with a mix of famous artists and talented newcomers. For many of you it might be too much of a time-investment to visit a day-festival in Germany, but for a weekend-festival it could certainly be worth travelling a bit. A good thing is that the money you spend for the fuel can be compensated with the cheaper entrance-ticket of the festivals in Germany.

Melt Festival Germany

Melt Festival in Germany (© meltfestival.de)

Festivals close to Berlin

If the distance still makes you unsure whether or not to visit a German festival in 2016 you could always combine a festival with a trip to a city like Berlin. As you can read on this blog, Berlin is worth more than just a few days of your time and a great starting point for visiting a festival. It is a good thing that most of the festivals in Germany are organized in the eastern part of the country and therefore they are easy to reach from Berlin. All the German dance-festivals in this article cam ne reached in about 2 hours by train, bus or car. Obviously the clubs in Berlin are hard to leave behind, but a whole weekend with your friends on a campsite is still a way cooler experience than one night in a club.

12 great German dance-festivals in 2016

Below you can find a list with some of the best German festivals in 2016. Most of the festivals offer versatile music-styles but we mainly focused on dance-festivals. All of the festivals are weekend-festivals so you will have the possibility to stay on a campsite overnight. Obviously a ranking like this always has a lot to do with personal taste and preferences. Because of that we wrote a small motivation at every single one of these dance-festivals. If you want to get an impression of the music and the line-up I would recommend visiting Youtube or Soundcloud and listening to some livesets of the DJs/Artists.

If you do not have much time you can also just skip to the summary: At the end of the article we summarized our selection of German Festivals in 2016. Click on the link below if you want to go there directly:

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1. Fusion Festival

If you read an article about the best festivals in the world, most of the time the German festival Fusion will be one oft hem. Fusion (or Фузион) is one of the most unique festivals I have ever visited. The first edition of this German festival was organized in 1997 and the location has always been a military basis called Lärz. The last couple of years more than 60.000 people visited this dance festival about 150km north of Berlin. The ticket-sales of Fusion proof that the festival is very popular: It is not possible to buy a ticket directly on the website, instead you have to register and hope that you will be one of the lucky people who gets drawn.

Fusion Festival

The best festival in Germany: Fusion (© jonasginter.de)

Fusion festival 2016 will be organized from the 29th of June till the 3rd of July. The line-up is not available yet and this will stay this way till a few weeks before the festival because this is the policy of this German festival. The only thing I can guarentee is that the music has been great the last couple of years. Popular DJs like Andhim, Lexer, Pan-Pot, Super-Flu and Jan Blomqvist are just a few examples of what you can expect. But Fusion is also known for giving a lot of local DJs and young newcomers a chance to perform on a big stage.

The price of the tickets for Fusion Festival have increased rapidly during the last couple of years. This is a bit against all that Fusion stands for but also makes sense if you think about the package you get in return. You can camp for almost one full week, can bring your own drinks (even to the stages) and will have four days of great music and entertainment. Especially the fact that you can bring your own liquor to the dance-floor will safe you a lot of money in the end.

Line-up Fusion leak: The Fusion festival will take place within a few weeks so some DJs are already updating their tour-dates and the lists with leaks are getting bigger and bigger. Some great names on the line-up of Fusion 2016 are: HVOB, Einmusik, DJ Tenis, Kollektiv Ost, Victor Ruiz, Solomun, Kollektiv Turmstraße, Daniel Steinberg, Commander Love and Camea. If you want to see a full-list, click here.

Why visit Fusion? There is no similar festival to Fusion. The atmosphere is just different because there are less rules. Ticket-prices gone up but you will safe money in the end anyway because you can bring your own liquor.

Name: Fusion Festival 2016
Address: Am Flugplatz, 17248 Lärz
Distance from Berlin: 157 km
Date: 29 June – 3 July 2016
Price ticket: 125€
Website: www.fusion-festival.de
Music-styles: Electro, Techno, House
Amount of days: 4 days (officially)
Line-up: HVOB, Einmusik, DJ Tenis, Kollektiv Ost, Victor Ruiz, Solomun, Kollektiv Turmstraße, Daniel Steinberg, Commander Love, Camea

Logo Fusion

2. Melt

Another German festival which was first organized in 1997 is called Melt. This dance festival is located at an abandoned colliery which goes by the name Ferropolis. The Feropolis is often referred to as the City of Iron because a lot of large machines and old cranes can still be found on this island. Just as many other German festivals in this list, the party-area of Melt is surrounded by water. Because this festival is organized in July it is a great that you can have a refreshing dive in the water every now and then.

Melt Festival
Melt Festival (© facebook.com/meltfestival)

When it comes to the line-up, Melt is probably the best German Festival in 2016. With DJs like AndHim, Ben Klock, Disclosure, Andy Scott and Oliver Koletzki will be performing here. Besides DJs you can also see bands and artists at the Melt festival (e.g. Two Door Cinema, Chvrches). Compared to Fusion Melt is a bit more expensive (136€)

The Melt festival is located about 140km from Berlin. Two years ago I went to Melt by car and it took me a bit more than 1 hour to reach the Ferropolis. If you want to read more about my experiences you can read this article about the Melt Festival.

Melt officially starts at Friday the 15. of July but you can buy tickets for a pre-party on Thursday already. This pre-party also means that you are already welcome on the campsite on Thursday, the better spots are still available then so this might be a smart thing to do.

Why visit Melt Festival? Mainly because of the great location and the awesome line-up. No other festival can beat their list of famous artists. Besides that it is located quite close to Berlin.

Name: Melt Festival 2016
Address: Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen
Distance from Berlin: 137 km
Date: 15 tot 17 July 2016
Price: 136€
Website: www.meltfestival.de
Music-styles: Electro, Rock
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: AndHim, Chvrches, Ben Klock, Two Door Cinema, Disclosure, Andy Scott, Oliver Koletzki and many others

Melt-Festival 2015

3. Feel Festival 2016

Last year Feel Festival was listed on the 8th position in this article. But after having visited this festival personally last year I reconsidered and decided it is one of the three best German festivals in 2016. The Feel Festival is organized at the beach of the Bergheider See which is located about 127km south of Berlin. The fact that you can camp almost directly on the beach of this lake makes the Feel Festival a perfect festival to relax during the day and enjoy music at night. The photo below gives you an impression of this German festival.

Feel Festival 2015

Party on the Beach at Feel Festival (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

The Feel Festival 2016 is organized in the second weekend of July (7th till 11th). At the moment not much is published yet about the line-up but last year DJs like Sascha Braemer, HVOB, Lexer, Niconé, Wankelmut and many others were present. Besides DJs there were also plenty of bands and artists and we even found a small stage with 90s music. If you want to read more about the Feel Festival of last year you can read my full article here.

The price of the Feel Festival is more than reasonable. The Early Birds were on sale for 69 Euro but in the meanwhile the tickets are 89 Euro for 3 full days and 4 nights of camping.

Line-up Feel Festival 2016: As mentioned above, the line-up of Feel Festival 2016 will not be published before the festival. Still there are some artists who (accidentally) leaked information. Here are some names on the line-up of this festival: Marlon Hoffstadt, Adana Twins, Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, Monkey Safari, Animal Trainer and more will be added soon!

Why visit Feel Festival 2016? Camping directly at the beach, a solid line-up and a very reasonable price. What‘s not to love? I fit does not have to be as massive aas Melt or Fusion, Feel is probably the best festival in Germany.

Name: Feel Festival 2016
Address: Bergheider See
Distance to Berlin: 130 km
Date: 7 till 11 July 2016
Price: 89€
Website: www.feel-festival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, Bands, House
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Marlon Hoffstadt, Adana Twins, Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, Monkey Safari, Animal Trainer

Feel Festival 2016

4. Sputnik Springbreak

A solid 4th place on this list with the best festivals in Germany is going to Sputnik Springbreak. When people discuss the best festivals in Germany, they usually mention Melt and Fusion but Sputnik is defenitely worth your consideration as well. Names like Martin Garrix, Alle Farben and Robin Schulz will be performing at this festival and the price is very reasonable. The Sputnik Springbreak festival is organized on an island called Pouch and is located about 160km from Berlin.

Sputnik Springbreak

Sputnik Springbreak Festival in Germany (© facebook.com/Sputnik.springbreak.Festival)

Besides the three famous DJs mentioned above there will be other interesting acts at Sputnik Sringbreak: Felix Jaehn, Alligatoah, Lexer, David K., Jennifer Rostock and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for example. As you can read there will be a versatile mix of DJs, Bands and artists at this German festival. The tickets are available on the website (see below) and you can find more information about previous editions, the route and the island Pouch as well.

Comparing this festival to some of the other German festivals in 2016, Sputnik Springbreak has a very reasonable price. For not more than 104 euro you can visit this weekend-festival and lucky enough these tickets are not as hard to get as tickets for Fusion.

If you want to visit Sputnik Springbreak with a group I would advice to order the tickets together: If you order 10 tickets you get one ticket for free. So just fill up some cars with your friends and find your way to Sputnik Springbreak festival 2016.

Why visit Sputnik Springbreak? Sputnik is one of the cheapest festivals in this list and still offers a very solid line-up. Maybe not the Kalkbrenners and Guettas of this world but still many very talented musicians.

Name: Sputnik Springbreak 2016
Address: 06774, Pouch
Distance from Berlin: 160 km
Date:13 – 16 May 2016
Price: 105€
Website: www.sputnikspringbreak.de
Music: House, Electro, Indie, Pop, Rap
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Lexer, David K., Alle Farben, Martin Garrix, Alligatoah, Jennifer Rostock, Felix Jaehn and many more…



5. SonneMondSterne

The year 1997 was a special year for German festivals because besides Melt and Fusion it was also the first year SonneMondSterne was organized. In that year, already 19 years ago, not more than 2500 people visited the festival SonneMondSterne. In the mean time SonneMondSterne got a lot larger and more popular and last year 35.000 people visited this German festival. This dance-festival is organized close to Saalburg and as you can see on the image below, it might be a good idea to pack your bikini or swimshort.


The German festival SonneMondSterne (© facebook.com/SonneMondSterne.Festival)

If you do not care that much about bands and artists and just want to see famous DJs SonneMondSterne might have the most impressive line-up of 2016: Paul Kalkbrenner, David Guetta, Robin Schulz, Sven Väth and many others will be performing at this German festival in 2016. SonneMondSterne focuses mostly on Techno/Electro/House so it is not the best festival if you want to have a versatile music program.
A small disadvantage of SonneMondSterne is that this festival is ending on Sunday at 16.00. Therefore it is one of the more expensive german festivals in 2016. Besides that it is also a bit further away from Berlin: You need to calculate about 3 hours at least.

Why visit SMS 2016? If your main focus is famous DJs SonneMondSterne might be just the perfect German festival for you. Names like Paul Kalbrenner, David Guetta and Sven Väth might be worth the ticket-price all by them self.

Name: SonneMondSterne Festival 2016
Address: Saalburg-Ebersdorf
Distance from Berlin: 291 km
Date: 12-14 August 2016
Price: 127€
Website: www.sonnemondsterne.de
Music-Styles: House, Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 2,5 (only till Sunday 16.00)
Line-up: o.a. Paul Kalkbrenner, David Guetta, Robin Schulz, Sven Väth, Umami


6. Her damit Festival

Festivals like Melt and Fusion are known all over Europe but most of you probably never heard of the event Her Damit. This may be connected to the fact that Her Damit is a much smaller festival than most others in this list: Last year only 2500 people visited this dance-festival. Her Damit will be organized on an island called Rugen which is located directly at the Ostsee. The exact location is Prora and has a rich history: The building was first built by the Nazis to become a „mass holiday resort“ but it was never really completed. After World War II it was used by the Sowjets and the national army. Besides sweet music and a good atmosphere you can also explore the island and even enjoy a guided tour.

Her Damit Festival

Her Damit Festival

The fact that Her Damit is smaller than most German festivals in this list is also part of its charme. Massive festivals like Melt or Hurricane are impressive but can also be annoying. It is harder to reach these festivals and if you party with a large group you will lose eachother all the time.
There are not a lot of videos or images on the internet from Her Damit but you can have a look at the aftermovie if you want to get a better impression of this German Festival in 2016. The line-up of Her Damit fits to their non-commercial attitude: Do not expect headliners like Robin Schulz or Fritz Kalkbrenner but let local DJs like Karenn, Erobique and Manamana impress you.
From all the German festivals in this list Her Damit is located a bit further from Berlin. All together it will probably take you about 3-4 hours to reach Prora (300km).

Personally I would combine a trip to Her Damit with a few extra days at the Ostsee.
The music on this festival will stop playing on Sunday around 20.00. The tickets are starting at 86€ for the festival and two days on the campsite. The longer you want to stay, the more expensive the ticket will be. More information can be found on the website.

Why visit Her Damit 2016? Big does not always mean better. Her Damit is a cosy festival on a great location. Not too much fuss, just a few days of fun with a few thousand people.

Want to win free tickets for the Her Damit Festival? We are allowed to give-away 2×2 weekend-tickets. Check this post on facebook.

Name: Her Damit 2016
Address: Mukraner Str. 12, 18609, Prora
Distance to Berlin: 300 km
Date: 27 till 29 May 2016
Price: 86 – 106€
Website: www.herdamitfestival.com
Music: Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Karenn, Manamana, Erobique and more…



7. MS Dockville

Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to parties and festivals, but it is not the only German city with an awesome nightlife. Take Hamburg for example, sometimes referred to as Mini-Berlin and a city which offers plenty of cool clubs and some great festivals. One of these festivals is MS Dockville, which had more than 20.000 visitors last year. Hamburg can be reached within 3 hours from Berlin and why not combine MS Dockville with a trip to this great German city.

MS Dockville

Ms Dockville Festival (© Dockville-Festival, Enno Arndt

The line-up of MS Dockville is very solid and we cannot complain about the price either. For 79 Euro you can visit this festival for 3 days and watch DJs like Super Flu, David August and Monkey Safari perform live on stage. Besides that there will also be some bands like Kakkmaddafakka, Oh Kid, Foals and Aurora.

Why visit MS Dockville? A solid line-up and an even better price. Calculated per day you will pay less than 30 euro. The location is not that extraordinary but Hamburg is a great city to visit.

Name: Ms Dockville
Address: Reiherstieg-Hauptdeich, 21107 Hamburg
Distance from Berlin: 290 km
Date: 19 till 21 August 2016
Price: 79€
Website: www.msdockville.de
Music-Styles: Bands, Artiesten, Electro, House
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Super Flu, Kakkmaddafakka, David August, Foals, Monkey Safari, Einmusik and more…

8. Greenwood Festival 2016

All of these German festivals are a lot of fun, but most of them are pretty hard to reach if you do not have a car. Even if Berlin is your starting point, some of the islands mentioned in this list will not be easy to get to with public transport. For those who do not want to travel far from Berlin, Greenwood Festival might be the perfect festival in 2016. This festival will be organized at the Kiekebusch See. This is only 30km from Alexanderplatz and close to the Airport Berlin-Schönefeld.

Kiekebusch See Festival

Kiekebusch See near Berlin (lieblinsfehler.de)

This summer it will be the first time the Greenwood Festival will be organized. Therefore we can not say much about the atmosphere or the organization of this Berlin festival. But the information which is available on the Facebook-page of the Greenwood Festival got us excited anyway.

Take the line-up or example: Greenwood Festival invited many German DJs like Oliver Schories, Schleppgeist, Channel X and Britta Arnold. The tickets were available for only 39,90 (EarlyBird) but are sold out already. If you buy a ticket today the price will be 59,90€.

Why visit Greenwood Festival? Kiekebusch See is a great location and only 30km from Alexanderplatz. The line-up and price of Greenwood are better than many other festivals in Germany.

Name: Greenwood Festival
Address: Kiekebusch See
Distance from Berlin: 30 km
Date: 15 tot 18 Juli 2016
Price: 40-70 Euro
Website: www.facebook.com/events/915491255166876
Music-Styles: House, Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Line-up nog niet bekend


9. Plotzlich am Meer

Another German festival which offers a great experience for a very reasonable price is Plotzlich am Meer. This dance-festival is smaller than many other festivals close to Berlin but because of the great success of this festival of last year, the expectations are high. Plotzlich am Meer is actually a bit of an outsider in this list because the festival is organized in Rogowo, Poland. But because the roots are in Berlin, we feel like it belongs in this list of German festivals. Besides that Rowogo is located about 260km from Berlin so you can reach this festival in a few hours.


Ploetzlich am Meer Festival (© stanley-rubyn.com)

The Plotzlich am Meer dance festival will be organized from the 21st till the 23rd of August in 2016. As mentioned there is not so much information about Plotzlich am Meer yet, but hopefully this will be available soon. The last couple of years DJs like Dixon, Kotelett & Zadak, Monkey Maffia, Turmspringer and Kollektiv Ost were performing at Plötzlich am Meer.

The price of Plotzlich am Meer 2016 will be 100€. The price has increased quite a lot the last years but the festival also became more professional and has a better line-up than before.

Why visit Ploetzlich am Meer? Rogowo is a unique location for a festival and you will be partying in Poland for a difference. Prices for fuel and groceries will be lower than in Germany.

Name: Plötzlich am Meer 2016
Address: Rogowo, Poland
Distance to Berlin: 260 km
Date: 19 till 21 August 2016
Price: 100€
Website: www.ploetzlich.net
Music: House, Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Not available yet (will be updated)


10. Helene Beach Festival 2016

The German festival in this list which is closest to Berlin is Helene Beach festival. This festival will be organized close to Frankfurt-Oder which is about 100km away from Berlin. As the name implies, this dance-festival will also be organized at the water, the beach of a lake called Helene to be precise. Helene is the cleanest lake of Brandenburg and is about 250 hectare large. In the summer of 2014 I visited Helene Beach Festival myself and I can guarentee that it is great to have a large beach where you can lay during the day and wait till you are ready to party again. At most other German festivals (e.g. Melt and Fusion) you can swim but there is not really a large beach and enough space for all the visitors to lay down at the same time.

Helene Beach Festival 2014

The Helene Beach Festival (helene-beach-festival.de)

The music on the Helene Beach Festival starts on friday 17.30 and ends already on sunday-morning 08.00. But from my own experience I know that there is still a party for the people who want to stay till Monday. A sort of club on the property of this festival will be open on Sunday-night. The campsite will be open till monday-evening so you do not have to hurry if you drive back that day.

The line-up of Helene Beach is versatile and there are some large international names on it: Richie Hawtin, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Monika Kruse, Thomas Lizzara and Yetti Meissner are just a few of them. The price of this German festival in 2016 is quite good: For 98 Euro you can be part of it in the end of July.

Why visit Helene Beach Festival? Chilling on the beach during the day and enjoying great music at night is a great mix. The price is sharp but the atmosphere could be better if you ask me.

Name: Helene Beach Festival 2016
Address: Helene-See 2, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Distance to Berlin: 100 km
Date: 28 till 31 July 2016
Price: 98€
Website: www.helene-beach-festival.de
Music: Rock, Pop, Electro, House
Amount of days: 2,5
Line-up: Robin Schulz, Miss Kittin, Anja Schneider, Channel X, Niko Schwind, Sebo K and many more…


11. Hurricane Festival

One of the most versatile festivals in Germany is Hurricane. When you want to go and party with a large group with different music-tastes this could be the perfect compromise. Hurricane is a mix of great DJs, famous bands and plenty of solo-artists. Some of the German festivals in this list are located in the far east of Germany but the Hurricane Festival can be found closer to the Netherlands (between Bremen and Hamburg). I have mentioned a few times that the festivals should be combined with visiting Berlin, but in this case a trip to Hamburg would make more sense (and Hamburg is awesome too).

Hurricane Festival

The Hurricane Festival (© zeitgeist247.de)

The festival Hurricane has a line-up which actually competes with the best festivals in Germany. But the price is also higher than most German festivals (189€). Besides that the festival Hurricane is not organized on an island so you will not be able to take a swim. But back tot he positive information: With names like Rammstein, Prodigy, Offspring, HVOB, Rampue and Fritz Kalkbrenner it could still be a very legitimate choice to visit Hurricane in the summer of 2016.

The camping will open on Thursday 16.00 and you have to leave again on Monday morning (12.00).

Why visit Hurricane Festival? If you plan to visit a festival with a large group of different people this festival probably is a good compromise. Hurricane is one of the biggest festivals in Germany and that might also be a reason to visit it.

Name: Hurricane Festival 2016
Address: Eichenring, Scheeßel
Distance to Berlin: 350 km
Date: 19 tot 21 June 2016
Price: 139€
Website: www.hurricane.de
Music: Bands, Electro, House
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Paul Kalkbrenner, Klingande, Of Monsters and Men, DeadMaus, Parov Stelar, Placebo and many more



12. Rocken am Brocken

The name Rocken am Brocken could give you the wrong impression of this German festival. Although many bands will be performing you will be surprised how many proper DJs and electronic music you can find here. The last couple of years Oliver Koletzki, Lexer, Dirty Doering and some other talented guys have been performing here. If you like the mix of some bands and some DJs Rocken am Brocken might be a great alternative for you.

Rocken am Brocken (© Markus Thöricht)

Rocken am Brocken (© Markus Thöricht)

Maybe it because DJs are more expensive than groups and artists, but Rocken am Brocken has a better price than most other festivals. Three days of festival for not more than 68€ is a very good offer, even if you are not a big rock-fan.

This german Festival is located in a small city called Elend, southwest of Magdeburg. This is all located in the area of the Harz National Park: I have been there and it is an awesome part of Germany. The campsite of the festival Rocken am Brocken will open on 28.07 at 09.00 and the party will finish Sundaymorning.

Why visit Rocken am Brocken? Rocken am Brocken is a great choice if you are looking for a cheap festival which mainly focuses on bands but also offers some electronic music.

Name: Rocken am Brocken 2016
Address: Braunlagerstraße, 38875 Elend
Distance to Berlin: 245 km
Date: 28 – 30 July 2016
Price: 68€
Website: www.rocken-am-brocken.de
Music: Electro, Indie, Punk, Rock
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Turbostaat, Lexer, Dirty Doering, Razz, Jonah and more…

Bonus: Berlin Festival 2016

Update: Recently we found out that the Berlin Festival 2016 will not take place this year. Next year they might be back! When we are discussing festivals which are easy to reach from Berlin, we just have to add the Berlin Festival in Kreuzberg. It is a bit of an outsider because you will not be able to stay overnight (therefore: Bonus), but there is music for several days so it could be considered as a weekend-festival in some way. The Berlin Festival 2016 will take place in the Arena Park (in front of White Trash) in Kreuzberg which is easy to reach from station Treptower Park. Clubs like Club der Visionäre and Arena Club will be part of this festival and there will also be several stages outside in the park.


Berlin Festival (© common-tales.com)

The line-up of Berlin Festival 2016 is solid as a rock if you like electronic music. Great DJs like Richie Hawtins, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Underworld, James Blake, Dixon, Chet Faker en Rudimental and many other large names will perform here. A full list of the DJs which will perform can be found on the website below.

The tickets can be bought for 69 Euro for the whole weekend and there are also day-tickets available. Of course you have to keep in mind that you have to get yourself some accomodation in Berlin so some extra expenses have to be calculated.

Why visit Berlin Festival 2016? Maybe you do not like camping and just want to sleep in a bed? Besides that the line-up is crazy if you like electronic music.

Name: Berlin Festival 2016
Address: Eichenstraße 4, Berlin
Distance to Berlin: 0 km
Date: 27 till 39 May 2016
Price: 69€
Website: www.berlinfestival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, House
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: James Blake, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Richie Hawtins and many more…


Summary: Festivals in Germany 2016

All in all we can conlude that there are plenty of great events in 2016. The list with best German festivals above is my personal ranking and obviously has a lot to do with my taste. The perfect festival is different for every person but we have listed some things below which will maybe make it easier to decide:

Cheap Festivals: Fusion, Feel Festival, Helene Beach of Rocken am Brocken
Festivals close to Berlin: Greenwood Festival, Melt, Feel Festival, Fusion of Helene Beach
Great DJs: Melt, SonneMondSterne and MS Dockville
Versatile music: Hurricane, Sputnik Springbreak, Melt
A great atmosphere: Fusion, Feel and Her Damit

Below you can find an image which summarizes the German festivals in 2016:
Compare german Festivals 2015
Tips and feedback regarding the dance festivals in 2016 are very welcome, please leave a comment or contact me!

Copyright Cover-Image:  electru.de

Job van Hardeveld
Written by Job van Hardeveld

My Name is Job and I moved to Berlin in January 2012. Since a couple of years I am writing about cool spots, great parties and awesome places in Berlin. Hope you like my blog, leave a comment if you have a question!

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    What about the nation of gondwana? U seriously cant Pick shit like Helene beach Over the nog.
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      Hi Dave,

      Great that my blog could help you decide. The article with the festivals for 2016 will be online in the beginning of next year.



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    May 11, 2015

    Great tips – Thanks!!


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    April 04, 2015

    good pitures


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