As a family with children we are often searching for activities in Berlin which are fun for the kids. It’s a big bonus if they are also fun for us. The Natural History Museum in Berlin is one of these activities. I’ve been in this museum with my parents and my son and all three generations had an awesome time. It comes as no surprise that every year more than 700.000 people visit this museum and the average review is 4,5/5 stars.

The entrance of the Natural Museum of History
Natural Museum of History Entrance

The History of the Naturkundemuseum

Technically, the Natural History Museum in Berlin (Naturkundemuseum) was founded in the year 1810 as part of the University of Berlin. First the museum mainly focused on minerals. Later (1857) the paleontology department was opened. In 1889 the new building was opened in the Invalidenstraße, which received the name Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum). During World War 2, the eastern part of the museum was severely damaged. Between 1950 and 1989 the permanent exhibitions were restored. In 2007 four new exhibitions were opened, one of them being the Dinosaur World. In 2018 the Natural History Museum was expanded the last time and has even more space for its collection.

The Dinosaur World in the National History Museum in Berlin
The Dinosaur World in theNatural History Museum in Berlin

Why visit the Natural Museum of History?

As already mentioned, the Natural Museum of History is great for all generations. But there are some other reasons why you should visit this museum in Berlin:

  1. It’s affordable: Only 8€ entrance is definitely a very good price for such an awesome museum
  2. Free audio-guides: You can listen to the audio-guides online inside of charging you extra for it
  3. Enough space: Although many people visit this museum, there is enough space for everyone
  4. Great for all generations: This museum has something for every age
  5. Easy to reach: Located close to the Friedrichstraße, you could combine a visit with some shopping in Berlin

Current Exhibitions

You might be wondering: What is there to see in the Natural History Museum? There are some permanent exhibitions and also temporary ones with a special theme or topic. Below you can find our three favourite exhibitions:

1. Dinosaur World

In the Naturkundemuseum you can observe all sorts of prehistoric animals. The most impressive one is definitely the 13,27 meter large Brachiosaurus. This is the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world. Besides the Brachiosaurus, the Dinosaur World has many other dinosaurs and prehistoric animals to offer.

2.Cosmos and Solar

Another awesome exhibition in the Natural History Museum is the one about the Cosmos and Solar System. Aren’t you fascinated about the world outside of our planet too? If this is the case you will definitely love to spend some time here. Learn more about the Big Bang, meteorites and the other planets in the solar system.

3. Evolution in Action

On of my personal favourites is the exhibition Evolution in Action. As you can see on the image below you can see loads of animals from up close. From large animals like Zebra’s to small birds. It’s great to listen to the audio-guides here and learn more about these animals.

Evolution in Action. A fascinating exhibition in the Naturkundemuseum
Evolution in Action – Great fun for young and old(er)

Natural History Museum Berlin – Practical Tips

If you are planning to visit the Natural History Museum some practical tips can come in handy. Below we have listed some things you need to know before visiting this museum in Berlin.

What are the Opening Hours?

  • The Museum is closed on Mondays
  • During the week the opening hours are from 9.3AM until 6PM
  • On Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays it’s open from 10AM until 6PM

Looking for an activity on a Monday in Berlin? Legoland is open 7 days a week and also a lot of fun for kids.

What is the price of a ticket?

The Natural History Museum is a very affordable museum in Berlin. For only 8€ a grown-up can visit the museum and all children under 15 years only have to pay 5€ (Same for students, apprentices, pensioners,welfare recipients,unemployed people andpeople with disabilities. An annual ticket only costs 32€.

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes you actually have to buy tickets online so the museum knows how many people will visit. Just go to the ticketshop of the museum and everything should explain itself.

Can I use a locker to safely lock my belongings?

Yes, for only 1€ you can use a locker and temporary get rid of all your bags, jackets and more. I would recommend using them because it’s just more convenient walking through the exhibitions like that.

How can I reach the Natural Museum of History?

Easiest way to reach the museum is by U-Bahn. The U6 stops about 500 meter from the entrance of the museum. The station is called Naturkundemuseum so it should not be hard to recognise.

The wet-collection
An impressive collection of specimens


All other things you need to know (FAQ)

If the information in this post has not answered a question you have about theNatural History Museum, you might find what you are looking for below:

How much time to plan for the Natural History Museum in Berlin?

On average people spend about 2-2,5 hours in the Natural History Museum. If you do not do a lot of reading, you can see everything in about 1-1,5 hours. But if you like to learn a bit more about the (prehistoric) animals, the solar-system and the prehistory you can easily spend 3-4 hours here too.

What’s the best time to visit the Natural History Museum?

It probably does not come as a surprise that there is more going on during the weekends. Besides tourists, the people who live in Berlin might be visiting as well. When it comes to the time of day, most people like to arrive at 10-11AM. So if you are an early bird you should arrive when the Natural History museum opens and otherwise go as late as possible, maybe around 4PM.

How big is the Natural History Museum in Berlin?

Since the expansion in 2018, the Natural History Museum has an exhibition space of 25.000 square meters. This makes it largest museums in Berlin.

The solar system exhibition in the Natural Museum of History in Berlin
The solar system exhibition in the Natural Museum of History in Berlin

Our summary

The Natural History Museum is definitely one of our favourite activities in Berlin. Similar to the Museum of Technology it offers a great mix of education and entertainment. You can spend several hours for just 8€ per person and it’s fun for all ages.

Fun for small kids: 7/10
Fun for parents: 9/10
Price: Cheap (8€)
Expected time: 2-3 hours
Overall rating:


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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