Lego has been one of the most loved toys since its invention in 1934. Kids simple love the endless possibilities and it really boosts their creativity. Besides that it’s fun for parents too. If your kids are a fan of Lego, you should definitely visit the Legoland Berlin Discovery Center.

Legoland Berlin Discovery Center

The very first Legoland was opened in Billund in Denmark in 1968. About 40 years later, in 2007, the Legoland Berlin Discovery Center in Berlin opened its doors. This indoor center has been a great success ever since and is located at Potsdamer Platz. This makes it easy to reach and also enables you to combine it with a visit to the Winterwelt Christmas Markets or some shopping in the Mall of Berlin.

Legoland Berlin has a lot to offer
Legoland Berlin has a lot to offer

One of the best children activities in Berlin

We have visited quite a few activities for kids in Berlin and Legoland is definitely one of the best. Especially for children between 3 and 8 it offers a great mix of attractions, challenges and rides. Children love to interact with things and therefore we prefer this activity over attractions like the Zoo or the Aquarium. Kids can easily spend a full day here and we actually saw parents working on their laptops in the restaurant while their children were having fun.

Highlights – What you do not want to miss

Almost everything in Legoland is a lot of fun but if you have a limited amount of time, you should definitely not miss the following highlights:

  • Berlin Miniland: If you both love Berlin and Lego you should definitely visit Miniland. This area of Legoland is located on the first floor and shows Berlin in Miniature. It’s a bit like Little Big City but then made of Lego.
  • Lego Racers: Our 4-year old son spent his first hour here and I could not get him to check out the other attractions. Children can build their own car here and then let it ride down a hill into a looping or a large jump. It’s a lot of fun to keep improving your car over and over again.
  • Ninjago City Adventure: Children love to climb, run and slide. The Ninjago City Adventure is a small playground with a lot to offer.
    • Little Cinema: You can actually watch a 4d-Movie inside Legoland for free. This shows how versatile the offer is and although it’s just about 10 minutes, the children can sit for a bit and the movie is fun and even offers some special effects which you can really feel physically.
    • other great places are the dragon-ride, the workshops and the dino explorer corner.
Lego Racers - One of our favourite activities
Lego Racers – One of our favourite activities

Practical Information

The Legoland in Berlin is open from 10.00 – 19.00 and you need to book a timeslot in advance. You can do this online here. On crowded days you are allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 hours so it makes sense to visit outside the weekend and holidays. Tickets can be bought for 19€ and children under 3 years old can enter for free. You can get discounts if you buy a ticket for SEA LIFE or Madame Tussauds at the same time.

Miniland with driving trains and moving parts
Miniland with driving trains and moving parts

Helpful questions for your trip to Legoland Berlin

Most of you will have only one shot of visiting Legoland Berlin so it’s best to get it right. To help you out we have listed some questions and answers which might help you. If you have any tips or questions yourself, feel free to leave a comment.

What is the price of Legoland Berlin?

At the moment tickets for Legoland Berlin cost 19€ per person. Children above 3 years pay the full price but babies (0-2 y.o.) can join for free. You can buy tickets here.

Can I get a discount on a ticket for Legoland Berlin?

It is possible to get tickets for Legoland Berlin with some discount. Tickets become cheaper if you buy them in combination with SEA LIFE or/and Madame Tussauds. Besides that you can buy a year-ticket for 57€ which means you will not pay anymore after you have visited 3 times that year.

How much time will we spend in Legoland Berlin?

On crowded days you are not allowed to stay longer than 3 hours. Your kids will not want to leave earlier than that. If you visit on a more quiet day and you can stay as long as you want, you can easily spend 5-6 hours in Legoland.

What are the best days to visit Legoland?

Do not visit in the weekend! If it is very crowded it can be quite a challenge to relax as a parent. It’s best to visit Legoland on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

What time should we visit Legoland?

The busiest times are between 12:00 and 14:00 so it’s smart to arrive straight away at 10 in the morning but even better to arrive around 15:00 and stay until 19:00

Can I go to Legoland Berlin without kids?

This is not allowed. The organisation behind Legoland wants to make sure the environment is especially great for children and this is of course the case if many other kids are there to play with.

How big is the Legoland Berlin Discovery Center?

Legoland Berlin offers about 3500 square meters of fun and lego-adventure.

The duplo are with Dino Explorer for the smaller kids
The duplo are with Dino Explorer for the smaller kids

Our rating + Summary

It’s probably clear by now that Legoland is a great place for children. We really loved the Naturkundemuseum and the Museum of Technology but the for younger children Legoland is better. Besides that the price is totally fair when you see how much time you can spend here and have fun. Our ratings sum up to the following:

Fun – Kids 2-6 Years: 10/10
Fun- Kids 6-10 Years: 8/10
Fun – Parents: 6/10
Price: Acceptable (19€)
Expected time: If no limitations, 5-6 hours
Overall rating:


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