Since 2002, Berlin has not owned a real theme park anymore. Obviously this is quite a shame for children because they love adventure parks. It’s good though, that there are some fun parks for children around Berlin. The Filmpark Babelsberg in Potsdam is a small adventure park which is perfect for smaller children.

From Studio Babelsberg to a children park

Filmpark Babelsberg is a renowned film studio located in Potsdam. It is one of the oldest large-scale film studio in the world and opened its doors for the first time in 1912. Movies like The Hunger Games, John Wick and The Matrix Resurrections have been shot at Filmpark Babelsberg. In the year 1991 Studio Babelsberg opened its doors for the public and became an attraction for young and old.

The western show in Filmpark Babelsberg
The western show in Filmpark Babelsberg

Live Shows, Attractions and more

The adventure park offers its visitors the world of German filmmaking, exciting live shows and a whole bunch of children attractions. It’s a great daytrip for both children and parents: The children can enjoy the attractions and the parents can learn more about their favourite movies. Some of the highlights in Filmpark Babelsberg are:

The Stuntman in Vulcano live show in Filmpark Babelsberg

Different liveshows

Filmpark Babelsberg offers three live shows which were the highlight of our day. The western-show was exciting for the kids and fun for us parents. Then there is the spectactular Stuntshow in a vulcano which was a bit too scary for our 4-year old son but the first 10 minutes looked very promising. For older children this is definitely a highlight. Later in the afternoon you can learn more about the shooting of a movie in the live show Crazy day of shooting.

The panama boat ride in Filmpark Babelsberg

Panama Bootride

Altogether we went into the boatride of Panama (Janosch Dreamland) 4 times. Our son really loved seeing all the small attractions along the way and it was some nice relaxation for us as parents. If it’s not too busy you are even allowed to stay in the boat for another round. The personell was very friendly.

XD Motion Ride

XD Motion Ride

The XD Motion Ride is an interactive video game where you need to shoot pirates together with the other visitors. It’s exciting as you actually get to see the score at the end of the game. Our son really liked it and I noticed becoming quite competitive after not winning the first round.

The Jim Knopf Playground in Filmpark Babelsberg

Other Highlights

Besides the three highlights above, there is plenty more to be seen in this adventure park in Potsdam. We spend quite some time in the Jim Knopf Playground with large slides and also walked through the Sandmann-House. The short movie in the 4D-Action Cinema was also fun.

Food & Shops

Besides all the above there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. We liked the fact that there were vegetarian options like a vegetarian burger or a rice-dish with veggies. The prices are reasonable and the staff was very friendly and effective. Obviously you can also visit the typical theme-park shops to buy your children a souvenir or some candy.

Opening Hours and Practical Information

Filmpark Babelsberg is typically open from April through October. The opening-hours depend on the time of the year but usually the doors open at 10Am and close between 5-7PM. Filmpark Babelsberg is easily to reach by car and the parking only costs 4€. You can also reach this adventure park by train without much hassle. If you want to know the exact information, check out the website of Filmpark Babelsberg.

The entrance of Filmpark Babelsberg
The entrance of Filmpark Babelsberg

Frequently asked questions Filmpark Babelsberg

If the information above did not get you the answer you were looking for, you might find an answer in the FAQs:

How much is the entrance of Filmpark Babelsberg?

The ticket prices are 23€ for grown-ups and 17€ for children between 4-16 years old. Younger children are allowed to get in for free. You can also buy a family-ticket for 69-79€ which is valid for up to 5 people. Compared to attractions like Little Big City Berlin or the Zoo these prices are reasonable.

For which age is Filmpark Babelsberg most suitable?

Children between 2 and 6 years old are going to have most fun at Filmpark Babelsberg. But older children will also love attractions like the XD Motion Ride. Our daughter was 1,5 years old and also liked the boat ride and the playground.

Are dogs allowed in Filmpark Babelsberg?

Yes dogs are allowed in Filmpark Babelsberg but need to be on a short leash at all times.

How long can you spend in the Filmpark Babelsberg?

Usually people spend between 4-6 hours at Filmpark Babelsberg. With the shows, some food and all the attractions you can easily spend a full day here though. There are plenty of spots to sit down and relax with your children (e.g. the Jim Knopf Playground).

What’s the best day to visit Filmpark Babelsberg?

It should not come as a surprise that it’s more busy in the weekends. If you have to choose between Saturday and Sunday, the Sunday is better because it’s less crowded usually.

Summary: A bit outdated but still great fun for young and old

Filmpark Babelsberg is a great activity for parents with young children. Some attractions are a bit outdated and above a certain age children will probably be bored. But if your children are 6 years or younger we are confident that they are going to have a great time. Our children would like to go again every weekend. Just do not expect a theme-park with rollercoasters but more a cosy family adventure park. If we compare it to Holland-Park which we also visited this year, we feel Filmpark Babelsberg is a more exciting day-trip.

Fun – Kids 2-6 Years: 8/10
Fun- Kids 6-10 Years: 5/10
Fun – Parents: 8/10
Price: Acceptable (23€)
Expected time: If no limitations, 4-6 hours
Overall rating:


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