Little Big City allows visitors of Berlin to enjoy the city in miniature. It takes you back 750 years and shows all big moments right in front of you with miniature buildings, holograms and residents. With 100 buildings and over 6000 residents it’s a fun attraction for all ages. If you want to jump to the summary of our visit, you can press here.

Located directly under the TV-Tower

Little Big City is located directly under the TV-Tower at Alexanderplatz. This makes the attraction easy to reach by both S-Bahn and U-Bahn. Besides that it allows you to combine it with other activities like the Berliner Dom, Hackescher Markt or some shopping in Alexa.

An impression of the Little Big City
An impression of the Little Big City

Learn the history of Berlin in a fun way

What I personally liked about Little Big City Berlin is that you can learn a bit more about the history of Berlin. Instead of reading a boring book you can walk from station to station and read the notes. Obviously I knew about the Wall and World War 2 but I learned quite a bit more during this attraction. Fun facts about the first Currywurst and attempts to get over the wall from habitants in Berlin for example.

Checkpoint Charlie in Miniature
Checkpoint Charlie in Miniature

How long do people stay in Little Big City Berlin?

If you plan 1 hour to visit Little Big City Berlin, you should be fine. As mentioned above you can see about 100 different buildings but they are all positioned in 1 large area. In the beginning you will be very impressed and carefully check every setting and scene. Later on I fear many people move a bit faster because things look similar. If you read every bit of history you might take a bit longer, but I really think most people are done within 1 hour.

Little Big City Berlin Haus Vaterland
Little Big City Berlin Haus Vaterland

Is Little Big City fun for (all) kids?

Little Big City is officially recommended for kids above 6 years. This is mainly due to some of the content (e.g. How they tortured people back in the days). We went there with our 3,5 year old son and it was easy to avoid the stations we did not find suitable for him. He actually had a good time because of the interactive buttons he could press and see what happened.

Little Big City is fun for kids too
Little Big City is fun for kids too


If you in a hurry and you just want to know if Little Big City is worth it, you can have a look at our ratings below. In the end it comes down to the other activities in Berlin you are considering.

Fun for kids? 5/10
Fun for parents? 6/10
Price: Expensive (16€)
Time to be planned: 45 Minutes
Overall Rating: 5/10

Kids also love the trains in Little Big CIty
Kids also love the trains in Little Big City

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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