Do you know a lot of facts about Berlin? Although we’ve been living in the capital of Germany since 2012 we were surprised about many of the facts we found. Some of them are caused by the rich history, other are very much live as we speak. In this article we have listed 15 things you probably did not know about Berlin.

15 Interesting facts about Berlin

Which facts about Berlin can you use to impress your friends and family? When we have visitors from other countries they love to hear fun-facts about the city. That’s why I have gathered more and more of it throughout the years. Some of the facts actually come from the many books about Berlin i’ve read.

#1: More than 60 Million Currywursts per year

Berliners love fastfood. This is probably related to the fact that there are so many places to eat fastfood in Berlin. One of the things every tourist in Berlin wants to eat at least once is the famous Currywurst. Every year more about 63 million pieces of Currywurst are eaten in Berlin. We personally prefer a nice homemade burgers by the way.

Enjoy a nice currywurst in Berlin (©
Enjoy a nice currywurst in Berlin (©

#2: More than 200.000 dogs in Berlin

Some love them, some hate them. Fact is: There are a lot of dogs in Berlin. The 110.000 above are actually registered and when we also count the unregistered dogs, the estimations go above 200.000 dogs. This means that every twentieth person in Berlin owns a dog. Why do people not register their dogs? Mostly to avoid taxes.

#3: About 1000 Spätkauf-Shops in Berlin

A funny fact about Berlin is that there are more than 1000 Spätkauf-Shops throughout the city. Most of these small shops are open 24 hours a day and are mainly used for getting drinks and snacks when all supermarkets are closed. This is great when you are partying in Berlin. Another interesting fact: Latest estimations state that 70% of them are owned by Turkish people.

One of the many spätkaufs in Berlin (© Wikipedia)
One of the many spätkaufs in Berlin (© Wikipedia)

#4: About 10.000 Kilo of Pigeon-Shit per day

Venice might be famous for its pigeons, Berlin also has a lot of these grey birds . Daily, all the pigeons in Berlin shit about 10.000 kilogram of excrements on the streets of Berlin. Kind of gross when you think about it so you might want to look up before you sit down.

#5: Graffiti causes 35 million damage per year

We all love the occasional street-art in Berlin but graffiti is causing a lot of damages year of year. A not so fun fact about Berlin is that the damages of graffiti have been estimated on 35 Million Euro per year. That’s a lot of money!

Streetart in one of the Abandoned rooms in the panzerkaserne (©
Streetart in one of the Abandoned rooms in the panzerkaserne (©

#6: The longest street in Berlin is 11,9 km long

One cool fact about Berlin is that in total, the city owns 5.413 km of public streets. If all these streets are combined, you could travel from Berlin to Pakistan or Cameroon. The longest street in Berlin is called Adlergestell and is 11,9 km long. The street is located in Treptow.

#7: The shortest street in Berlin is 16 m short

The shortest street in Berlin is located near the Nikolaiviertel. The street is called Eiergasse and is only 16 meters long. This means that only a few people can say they live in the Eiergasse in Berlin.

#8: Longest sneakerwall of Europe

The longest sneaker-wall in Europe is located in the center of Berlin. In the Munzstrasse in Berlin-Mitte to be precise. The shop is called KICKZ and altogether it offers 370 different types of Sneakers. So if you are looking for a new pair of shoes, this might be a great place to have a look.

Longest sneakerwall in the world in Berlin (©
Longest sneakerwall in the world in Berlin (©

#9: Around 50.000 people party in Berlin every week

That Berliner clubs are famous and popular is not a secret. But that 50.000 people party in the capital of Germany every weekend is a tremendous amount. This basically means that a large football-stadium full of people is disappearing into the clubs in Berlin every single weekend.

One of the famous clubs: The Watergate
One of the famous clubs: The Watergate

#10: Second most residents of all European cities

Berlin has a total of 3,5 million (3.460.700) registered residents. If we compare this number to other capitals in Europe, it seems that Berlin is on the second position. On the first position we find London which has more than double the amount of people (7,5 Million).

#11: Almost 900 km² city surface

As mentioned above, Berlin has more residents than many other capital in Europe. But how many surface do these residents have to live on? The city surface of Berlin is a little bit more than 892 km². This means that there is plenty of space for the 3,5 Million habitants.

#12: Highest mountain is 115 meter

With an average of 73 meter above the sea level, Berlin is located quite high. The highest natural point in the city is the Großer Muggelberg: The highest point of this mountain lays 114,7 meter above sea level. If we go more to the west of the city there we will find another mountain, the Teufelsberg, which has the same height as the Muggelberg. But because the Teufelsberg has been made by human hands it is only fair to give the first position to the Muggelberg.

The view from the Teufelsberg (©
The view from the Teufelsberg (©

#13: 1,2 million m² shopping pleasure

A fact about Berlin for people who love to go shopping. If you take all the shopping malls together, Berlin owns a total amount of 1.190.000 square meter of shopping pleasure. The largest shopping center is called Gropius Passagen,  located in the south of Neukölln and owns 85.000 m² shopping pleasure. If you are up for some shopping you can check out our article with the best shopping-locations in Berlin.

Alexa Shopping Center near Alexanderplatz (©
Alexa Shopping Center near Alexanderplatz (©

#14: Only a quarter of the people in Berlin are actually born in Berlin

This is one of the Berlin-facts which is interesting but also a bit sad in a way. More and more who were born in the capital of Germany leave the city. So even we do not take all the tourists into account every fourth person you will see on the streets of Berlin is not born here. A crazy fact if you ask us.

#15: TV-Tower is the highest building in Berlin

The TV-Tower is still the largest building in Berlin. With it’s 368 meter, the tower which is located at Alexanderplatz, is about 10 meters higher than the Sendemast in Berlin-Frohnau (358,6 meter). The third position on the list of high buildings is taken by another Sendemast,  but this one does not come very close to the two leaders: The Sendemast Scholzplatz is not more than 230 meter high, but still owns the third position on the list of highest buildings in Berlin.

Fernsehturm Berlin at Night {©
Fernsehturm Berlin at Night {©

Obviously we hope that some of these facts about Berlin actually surprised you and enriched your knowledge about the capital of Germany. The next time you have visitors you might be able to impress them with one of the facts above. We will update this article when we read or hear about new facts about Berlin.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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