Since June 2022 Berlin is the proud home of another great exhibition: Dark Matter is an audio & light show and has been praised by visitors and critics all around the world.

The emergence of Dark Matter

The visionary light artist Christopher Bauder is the leading force behind the show Dark Matter. Christopher made a name for himself in 2014 when he projected 8000 specially made light-balloons to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berliner Wall. In the last 15 years Dark Matter was created step by step by Christopher and his design studio WHITEvoid. It has been displayed in several different cities but is a permanent exhibition in Berlin now.

Dark Matter Berlin
The entrance is easy to recognise

1000 Square Meters of Exhibition

Dark Matter consists of 7 different rooms with versatile light shows. Altogether the 7 rooms add up to 1000 square meters of exhibition. On average it takes people about 60-90 minutes to go through all of the different rooms. Each room has it’s own theme with different illuminated objects and sounds.

  • 1. Liquid Sky
  • 2. Inverse
  • 3. Circular
  • 4. Bonfire
  • 5. Polygon
  • 6. Grid
  • 7. Tone Ladder

Relaxing & Arousing at the same time

The experience of Dark Matter interacts with many senses of the human body. The illuminated objects are fascinating to look at and at the same time the carefully selected music pleases your ears. There were moments where I felt like being in a Berliner techno club but there were also moments where it felt like I was relaxing in a day spa and it felt like meditation. We would recommend taking the time for each room and at least wait till you recognise the part of the light-show from the previous round (about 12 minutes usually).

Practical Information

The exhibition Dark Matter is located about 2km east of station Ostkreuz. It’s only a few hundred meters further away than the famous club Sisyphos. The tram is stopping in front of the door but you can also walk. The entrance cannot be missed and the building is decorated with massive letters which say DARK MATTER. Tickets cost 22€ at the door and 20€ online and can be bought here.

The Grid light-show is one of the most impressive ones
The Grid light-show is one of the most impressive ones

Frequently asked questions

If you did not get your answers from the copy above, the following FAQ-Section might help you be better prepared for visiting Dark Matter Berlin.

What are the opening hours of Dark Matter?

The exhibition in Berlin is closed on Monday and Tuesday and open from 2PM till 10PM on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday you can visit from noon until 11 PM and on Saturday and Sunday Dark Matter opens at 11 AM already.

How long will you need to visit Dark Matter?

Between 60-90 minutes seems to be a realistic amount of time to see all 7 rooms of Dark Matter.

Until when will Dark Matter be available?

Dark Matter is a permanent exhibition so there is no end-date for the exhibition at the moment.

How can I get to Dark Matter?

You can travel to Ostkreuz and take the tram or walk the 2km from there. There are also plenty of electric scooters in this part of Berlin. Don’t walk in the direction of About Blank but the other way.

Polygon Playground
Polygon Playground

Summary & Review

Dark Matter is worth a visit for both young and old. The light-shows are more impressive than the Festival of Lights. The ticket price is a bit higher than most other activities in Berlin but it’s easy to imagine how much time it took to build these shows. It’s also great that the shows will change from time to time so you can visit again if you want.

Fun for kids: 5/10
Fun for grown ups: 8/10
Price: A bit expensive (22€)
Expected time: 60-90 minutes
Overall rating: 7/10


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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