It is a unique experience to party in Berlin. Not many cities in the world can compete with the nightlife of Germany’s capital. With its extreme opening-hours, reasonable prices and awesome line-up the city is just a great place to visit for everybody who loves to party.

The great nightlife of Berlin

A comparison of the known television-channel CNN voted Berlin as the second best city in the world to party (only Ibiza scored higher). The party in Berlin scored the maximum amount of point on the aspects opening-hours and music. If you partied in Berlin before, you know that CNN is right: Berlin never sleeps and it is a great benefit that many great and talented DJ’s love to perform in the capital of Germany. Besides these two aspects, the different techno-clubs in Berlin also offer very reasonable prices: For about 10-15 Euro you can go and party in Berlin and see some of the greatest DJs from all over the world.

Watergate Mainfloor Sven Väth
Sven Väth performing in the Watergate in Berlin

Where to party in Berlin?

Because Berlin has so many different clubs to offer, it can be useful to get some help when you are choosing the right place to visit. Especially when you are visiting Berlin for just a few nights, you want to be sure you make the most of your nights out. In this article we will present the best locations to party in Berlin in the current month. We tried to select the best locations for electronic music and the best DJ’s and put them all in a list for you to enjoy.

(No) Parties in April 2020

In the months March and April 2020 all clubs in Berlin will be closed. This is to prevent the corona-virus to spread even more in crowded cities like Berlin. Obviously this is a very big loss for all party-lovers but we should mainly keep in mind how hard these times will be for the clubs in Berlin. They will not have their usual income and might have to fire employees to survive. If you want to help you can find a lot of information on the website UnitedWeStream. The Berliner clubs are also streaming livesets from there to make you get through the corona-crisis.

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Umami, Marcel Dettmann, Mimi Love and more

As mentioned, the upcoming month has plenty to offer when it comes to entertainment for the nights. A nice mix of local DJs and international artists will make you very motivated to party in Berlin in February. Below you can find the list we came up with, you can either scroll down or click on one of the following links to jump to the right section:

Friday 06.03.2020
Edgar Peng in Golden Gate

The Golden Gate is one of these raw Berliner clubs. The club is located in an old and ruinous building between Jannowitzbrucke and Alexanderplatz and does not really look that inviting from the outside. The door-policy is not as tough as some other Berliner Clubs but still people get rejected occasionally. This club is for the music-lovers and not for people who want to shine. Because of its extreme opening-hours and underground-style, the Golden Gate fits perfectly in the nightlife of Berlin.

Edgar Peng is going to perform in Berlin
Edgar Peng is going to perform in Berlin

Edgar Peng is a DJ who is currently living in Berlin and therefore also performing in Berliner Clubs quite often. His presence and music is a nice fit with the nightlife of the capital and if you want to listen to his music before partying in Berlin, just click over here.

DJs: Edgar Peng
Club: Golden Gate
Address: Dircksenstrasse 78
Entrance: 10-12 Euro
Music: Techno
Link to club: Website

Saturday 07.03.2020
Yetti Meißner in Birgit

The club Birgit is located on walking distance from station Schlesisches Tor. Besides great parties during the night you can also find plenty of solid open-airs here. The club has a nice garden and invites talented local DJs to make sure the music is of the highest quality. During the day you can sometimes find design-markets here and currently you can also watch football here. All in all we can conclude that Birgit & Bier is definitely worth a visit. One thing some of you probably like about this Berliner club is that there is one floor where they play 80s, 90s and HipHop.

Yetti Meißner
Yetti Meißner (©

Yetti Meißner is born in Berlin and one of the DJs of the label of Sisyphos. Many people started being a fan after her great performance on Fusion 2015 with Oliver Koletzki Back to Back. If you were not at that great festival you can listen to the liveset here.

DJs: Yetti Meißner
Club: Birgit
Address: Schleusenufer 3
Entrance: 12-14 Euro
Music: Techno, House, 80s & 90s
Link to club:Birgit & Bier Facebook

Friday 13.03.2020
Stereo Express in Watergate

Watergate is one of these clubs located at the Spree and a very popular place for both tourist and Berliners. In my opinion the club misses a little bit of the rawness of Berlin but it definitely offers some great features to compensate. There is a balcony directly above the water and when the sun rises it offers the best view ever. Besides that the line-up of Watergate is normally like a great festival: Many large DJs and great labels. If you want to read more about the Watergate, you can read this article.

Stereo Express on Helene Beach Festival (©
Stereo Express on Helene Beach Festival (©

Stereo Express is a Belgian DJ who must of you might know from the remix of Sweet Dreams of Eurythmics. He made that remix in 2012 and that year you could not visit a festival without hearing that track at least once. Since that year Stereo Express got quite popular and has been playing on several large festivals. Last year he was also performing on Fusion and you can listen to the liveset here.

DJs: Stereo Express
Club Name: Watergate
Address: Falckensteinstraße 49
Entrance Price: 15 Euro
Music: Techno/House
Link to party: Watergate website

Saturday 14.03.2020
Schlepp Geist in Kater Blau

One of the most popular clubs in Berlin of all times has been the Kater Holzig (and before that Bar25). If you have read my article about the Kater Holzig, you probably know that it was really a unique place to party in Berlin. But unfortunately the club had to close down and Berlin lost one of his great venues. But lucky enough the people behind the Kater Holzig opened a new place: The Kater Blau. The club is located directly at the Spree and still has this same unique feel to it. It is quite hard to get in, but the place is definitely worth a visit.

Schlepp Geist
Schlepp Geist (©

An interesting name on the line-up of this party in Berlin is Schlepp Geist. Personally we really enjoy the livesets of this DJ who is originally from Rostock. His music is a nice mix between house and techno and he has been playing in clubs all over the world so you do not have to worry about the quality of the music. But if you still want to hear it for yourself, you can listen to a liveset on Fusion.

DJs: Schlepp Geist
Club: Kater Blau
Address: Holzmarktstraße 25
Entrance: 12-14 Euro
Music: Techno, House
Link to event: Kater Blau

Friday 20.03.2020
Rødhåd in Berghain

Berghain is probably the most famous club in Berlin. If you are looking for a special experience or party in Berlin, it might be a good idea to visit the Berghain. The only small problem could be that it not easy to get into the Berghain these days. On a regular Saturday-night there is a long line and about half of the people will unfortunately not get in. So if you want to visit the Berghain, make sure you are prepared for a small disappointment.

But if you get into the Berghain you will have a great night. This club has been voted as the best club in the world a couple of times. So I would suggest you make the best of the time you are waiting and if you will not get in you can always try another club in the same area. You do not have much to lose and if you get in, you are in one of the best clubs in world!

Rødhåd at the wheels of Steel (

Just like many other DJs which are mentioned in this monthly article, Rødhåd is a DJ who is based in Berlin itself. His real name is Mike Bierbach and he is famous for his deep electronic sound. Rødhåd can be found in Berliner techno clubs on a regular basis and on this night in Berlin he will perform in the Berghain. If you want to get an impression of his music you can click here .

DJ: Rødhåd
Club: Berghain
Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 70
Entrance: 14 Euro
Music: Techno
Link to club: Berghain Website

Saturday 21.03.2020
Kollektiv Ost in Ritter Butzke

The Ritter Butzke is one of the clubs in Berlin which is represented in my party-calendar almost every month. If you like to party in Berlin and you love a solid line-up, you will probably love the DJs which are performing in the Ritter Butzke. The good thing is, that the Ritter Butzke has the same entrance-prices as all the other clubs in Berlin. For 12-14€ you can see these popular DJs in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Kollektiv Ost
Kollektiv Ost (© by Ika Rus)

Kollektiv Ost consists of two friends named Sandro Schäufler and Marcel Schulz. They are originally from Mecklenburg and have been performing as Kollektiv Ost for a couple of years now. Their music has its own style and it is definitely legitime to visit the Kosmonaut just for these guys. If you want to get an impression of there music you can click this link.

Win 2×2 Free guest-list spots

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DJs: Kollektiv Ost
Club: Ritter Butzke
Adres: Lobeckstraße 30
Entree: 12-14 Euro
Muziek: Techno/House
Link naar feest: Ritter Butzke Website

Friday 27.03.2020
Ron Wilson in Tresor

The Tresor is one of the most unique clubs in Berlin. De club is located in the Köpenicker Straße in Berlin-Mitte and the place is literally located under the ground. The location reminds most visitors of an underground warbunker and the rough techno and excessive use of blacklight make a night in the Tresor a special experience. The Tresor can be reached by foot from station Jannowitzbrücke and the door-policy is not as difficult as many other clubs in Berlin.

Ron Wilson (©
Ron Wilson (©

Ron Wilson is a DJ I would love to see perform during this party-night in Berlin. Besides a talented DJ Ron Wilson is also very funny guy to follow on social media. His profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud already give you a feeling what kind of guy this is. His music is very versatile and it is always a surprise what you going to hear when Ron Wilson starts playing.  If you want to listen to his music, you can check out this set

DJs: Ron Wilson
Club: Tresor
Address: Köpenicker Straße 70
Entrance: 10-12 Euro
Music: Techno
Link to party: Tresor Website

Saturday 28.03.2020
Mimi Love in Mensch Meier

The club Mensch Meier currently is one of the more popular places to party in Berlin. Most people love this club because of the laidback vibe and the typical raw style. The club is located close to Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg so you can reach it from station Landsberger Allee by foot. The three different floors often focus on electronic music but one of them also offers disco and older hits from time to time. Altogether Mensch Meier is definitely a place you want to visit when you come to Berlin to party.

Mimi Love is gonna play in Berlin (©
Mimi Love is gonna play in Berlin (©

For Mimi Love it all started in one of the most famous techno-clubs in Berlin called Bar25. Unfortunately this club has been closed for many years but Mimi Love is still performing in Berliner Clubs like Kater Blau on a regular Basis. Besides that she also at other festivals and parties all over the world. If you want to listen to her sound before partying in Berlin, you can click here.

DJs: Mimi Love
Club: Mensch Meier
Address: Storkower Str. 121
Entrance: 12-14 Euro
Music: Techno, House, Disco
Link to club: Mensch Meier

Party in Berlin during the week

As mentioned before, Berlin never really sleeps. Even during the week many clubs have interesting events and parties. In the end it can be a really good idea to party during the week because the clubs are not that crowded and many clubs have free entrance. If you want to party in Berlin during the week, here are some suggestions:

  • Tuesday 3rd of March – Sierra Sam in Suicide Club
  • Thursday 12th of March – Oliver Huntemann in Watergate
  • Wednesday 25th of March – Globus in Tresor

Hopefully this article will help you when you have to decide where you want to party in Berlin. If you have any suggestions you can always contact us or leave a comment.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. hello there, me and my friends we will visit berlin the coming year, 09-13.01.2020.
    We love techno and electronic music. Surely we are going to visit some of your recommendations. Are those day any specific parties ? Also we would like to know, if they are more options for techno bars -clubs which basicity are mostly well known from the locals.

    thanks for your help.

  2. Hi JOB!! My name is Eduardo, from the Canary Islands. Thanks for your article. One question: My girlfriend and me are visiting Berlin from 26th December to 2th January. We’re thinking about a great “New Year” party. We love dance/house music. What club would you recommend me? Do you think this festival/party “HYTE Berlin NYE” is a good idea?


    • Job Reply

      Hey Eduardo,

      have a look in our NYE-Party Article. You will probably find a great party there.

      HYTE has an awesome line-up but it’s quite a lot of money for a party in Berlin.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Hello!
    I’m visiting Berlin on November 18, 19 and 20. Are there any parties happening these nights? Can you recommend a club for each night? I like most genres of electronic music. I love darkwave and EBM/industrial. Mostly I just want to go where the night will be fun and I can dance for hours! 🙂

    • Job Reply


      You are arriving tomorrow, right? I would check out the Tresor on Monday and the Gretchen on Wednesday.


  4. I’m also looking for some trance events in Berlin this weekend! Some class trance from the late 90s or early 2000s would be awesome but seems so hard to find anywhere. Besides that, do you know anywhere that plays classic rock from 60s-70s such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, etc.?

    • Job Reply

      Hi Dustin,

      it is mainly techno in Berlin but there are pubs and bars where they play 60-70s music. I just never went to these. The only one I know with live-music is Belushi’s. But there are a lot of young folks there too.

      Sorry that I could not help you that much. Hope you will have a great time anyway!


  5. Hi Job!

    Awesome blog, thanks a ton for sharing your insights.

    Are you planning to share the party plan for August?

    and, can I set up a notification alert to get informed when you upload new content?


    • Job Reply

      Hi Stef,

      yes we will also publish a party-calendar for August. It will be published after the last weekend in June.

      The best way to get informed is probably following us on Facebook.

      Best wishes!


  6. sophia johnson Reply

    I was planning a holiday, ur blog gave me good travel as well as party options.

    • Job Reply

      Hi Sophia,

      thanks for the compliments. Happy to help!

      Best wishes,


  7. Ha Job,
    A message from Amsterdam, just after the Amsterdam Dance Event :-).
    I will visit Berlin end Of November 23./24 with a group of friends . We are Trance lovers (Markus Schulz etc.) and we also like good club music (but not this boiler room stuff, it feels for us like the party never will start).
    Can you give us some advice on what Clubs to visit in Berlin that have some louder/tougher club music?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Job Reply

      Hey Benedikt,

      thanks for your comment.

      Most clubs in Berlin offer music-styles like Techno, Deephouse and House. Since I have been living here, I have never been on a trance-party and therefore I am not sure if I can answer your question. On the 24th Bebetta is playing in the Ritter Butzke, normally her music is quite melodic so I hope you guys feel that that “the party will start there”.

      Hope you will find something suitable for you and your friends!

      Have fun

  8. Hi Job,

    First of all, thanks for your blog as i’ve learned lots about Berlin night life just by reading your articles. I’m heading to Berlin for the first time from Nov 13-16 and would love to hear some great trance (preferred) or top-class techno. Would’ve loved to see PVD but he doesn’t return until much later so thats not an option. Can you please recommend any good clubs & DJs to check out that week/weekend?. Would greatly appreciate it.


    • Job Reply

      Hey Ash,

      thanks a lot for your compliments.

      We are planning to update the party-calendar (this article) before the end of October. We will add the parties for November in that updated article and I am quite sure there will be a few nice techno-parties in the weekend you are visiting Berlin.

      Happy partying!


    • Hi Job
      am looking for Deep house bars/nights on the weekend of 16/17th November 2018. can you recommend any good bars/clubs that play such music?


      • Job Reply

        Hey Ant,

        I guess you will have a great time in Mensch Meier on Saturday. Personally we would like to go to Kater Blau on Friday but both of these places are clubs.

        There is a place called Crack Bellmer in the Revaler Straße. That is more like a bar with music.

        Good luck!

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for the consolidated information. I intend to go for clubbing on 26th September 2018 with my friends. We are 5 people. Unfortunately it’s Wednesday so not really able to find any party where we can get entry for sure. We are looking for Techno music. Can you suggest something ?

  10. Hi Job,
    My wife and I will visit Berlin 17/18/19 o 24/25/26 of August. We are bit older (50+) and discovered techno (clubs). Some months ago we visited Watergate (2 nights). We loved the atmosphere. Which club do you recommend as we want to experience something new? When will the August calender be available?

    • Job Reply

      Hey Erik,

      thanks for your comment.

      The party-calendar has gone live today. Hope you can find some nice parties in there.

      If you liked the Watergate, you might also like Club de Visionaire.

      Good luck!

  11. I am taking my brother who is 17 but looks much older than 18 out with me. Is there anywhere that would be easy for him to get in?

    • Job Reply

      Hey Logan,

      most clubs do not really ask for an ID if you look old enough. So if it is true what you say it should not really be a problem.

      You probably will have the biggest change at Rosi’s or Suicide Circus though.

      Have fun!

  12. Hi Job,

    I’ll visit berlin from the 09th – 14th of May can you please guide me to any private House Parties?

    Thank you very much

    • Job Reply

      Hey Israel,

      I do not have any information about private house-parties. Most of the time they want to keep them private.

      Still I hope you can find some cool parties in our list. Have fun!


  13. Hi.
    We are 11ppl going to Berlin the 31th of May(whole weekend). Do you have any good advice on events or places to be with such a big group?

    BR Ole

    • Hey Ole,

      if it’s a group with both girls and boys you might be able to get into clubs by splitting up in smaller groups.

      Clubs like Astra and Matrix should be easy to get into as well. But I personally do not like them much. Maybe you can also try Rosi’s, that’s fun and not that hard to get into either.

      Good luck!

  14. Hi, I am coming to Berlin with a group of 16, which is a little tricky to plan for clubbing. We have a table at Matrix on one night but looking for somewhere else Saturday June 2nd. Any suggestions of parties or clubs where it is easy to get in?

  15. Will be in Berlin March 30 – April 2…. Without speaking German, you should come out to the bars with us and we will pay you and buy you drinks to navigate us around on Saturday night? What do you think?

    • Hey Mark,

      I love your suggestion but unfortunately I am bit too busy for that.

      You will be fine, most people in Germany speak English.

      Have fun!

  16. Hi! I will visit Berlin from march 26 to Friday 30 (morning). Are there any interesting events (preferably techno) during the week? Are there clubs that open for the “after” even during the week? Thanks

    • Hey Elenicia,

      thanks for your comment.

      During the week you can have solid parties in Berlin as well:

      Tuesday: Chalet or Suicide Circus
      Wednesday: Watergate, Tresor
      Thursday: Wilden Renate, Kater Blau

      The clubs have extreme opening hours, even during the week.

      Have fun!

      • hi
        we are going to visit berlin in may 10 for 3 nights
        is there a house music parties happening during that time?


        • Hey Rami,

          We will publish the parties in Berlin for the month May by the end of April.

          Hopefully there are some parties you will like.

          Have fun!

  17. Natalie Bansal Reply


    I will be coming to Berlin at the end of this month, from 30th March to 3rd April (Saturday to Tuesday) and I am 24.

    It would be great if you could recommend the best areas to stay and party. I am looking to experience the local party scene and enjoy some good food. I am very open to the genre of music or theme of the club. Looking to meet some locals and experience the off beat places.

    It would be great if you had some recommendations.


    • Hey Natalie,

      thanks for your comment.

      Regarding the parties: As you can read in the post we would recommend visiting the Kater Blau on Saturday. If you like techno and Berlin you will enjoy that party for sure.

      Places to stay is not really my field of expertise: In general I can give you the tip that it does not really matter where you stay as long as the S-Bahn and U-Bahn are closeby.

      In the category Restaurants you can read more about places I like to eat.

      Have fun!

  18. HI Job,

    I am a solo traveler and I will be in berlin from 29 Dec till 2 , I want to celebrate the new year in fancy place but also I can enjoy the fireworks , what do you recommend ?

      • Hoi Job,

        Op meerdere fronten een fantastische blog. Thanks voor de tips.
        Van ongeveer 8 – 21 januari ben ik met mijn vriendin (voor het eerst) in Berlijn. Een van de doelen is een mooi technofeestje meepakken. Komt de party-calendar van januari er binnenkort aan of kun je ons toevallig al iets tippen?

        Danke! GrüBe

        • Hey Steven,

          Thanks for the comment. The party-calendar for January will be published on sunday.

          There will be plenty of cool parties and also some giveaways.

          Have a merry xmas!


          (PS. Bewust even in het Engels, je kunt eens op kijken als je hetzelfde in het Nederlands wilt lezen)

  19. Hey Job
    Amazing blog dude!!!
    I’m from greece and i will be in berlin from 28th November tiill 3rd Decmber!!!
    I would appreciate it if u recommend me some good underground parties to go in berlin!!

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for the compliment!

      We will publish the party-calendar for December in the next couple of days.

      If you like it dark and underground you probably will have a good time in Tresor, Golden Gate and Berghain.

      Good luck!

  20. Hey,
    we coming to Berlin from 28th to 1st of December. Do you think that we could find a good party there?


    • Hey Stavros,

      We will publish our party-calendar for next month in the end of this month. There will probably be some good parties listed in there.

      If you still have questions after that, let me know!

      Best wishes!

  21. Hey Job,
    Originally from NY(meatpacking partying district) so I want to experience Berlin techno but not in a place where drinks will be spilt all over me, unfortunatly NY made me a bougie vip girl. But as a new berliner I am open to party in a fun more electro envirnoment, any recommendations? Thursday night-Saturday choices ☺